Everything You Need to Know About Irish Flowers

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When you think of Ireland or the luck of the Irish and flowers, the first thing that generally comes to mind is the clover, more specifically, a four-leaf clover. Another green leafy plant that often comes to mind when we think of a flower that is Irish is the Shamrock. These two flowers are found predominately through the Emerald Isles; therefore, it is only fitting that they would be commonly associated with Ireland. While the clover and Shamrock are often associated with Ireland, there are other more vibrant flowers that can be related to the country. Needing inspiration for St. Patrick’s Day? Or St. Brigid’s Day? Whatever the Irish holiday, we have a flower recommendation to suit your needs.

In this article, we cover:

Types of Irish Flowers 


These wildflowers are native to the Emerald Isles and are typically found within the center of the country. They are quite small and sometimes easy to miss. The Bog-rosemary usually grows surrounded by mosses. These flowers typically bloom in early May. After a few more months, they enter their full growth and become a delicate pale pink color. When these Irish flowers have blossomed, they do become a bit easier to notice, unlike when they are still green and have not bloomed.

Easter Lilies

The Easter Lily is a perennial which is native to Japan and not Ireland; however, after an Ice Age, these stunningly beautiful flowers have been able to adapt and grow in other parts of the world. The Eater Lily is a flower that is often associated with peace. Many Irish Republicans are known to wear the lily on their lapel or coat as a means of remembering those who fought and died for the country.

These flowers stand at approximately 36 inches, and their petals can span up to 5 to 7 inches long. They are fragrant and bloom between July and August. The Easter Lily is a great flower to give, either as part of a bouquet or a potted plant. If an Easter Lily is maintained, it can go on to live for many years – the key is to ensure proper maintenance of the potted plant.

Sheep’s Bit

Sheep’s Bit, or Jasione montant, is a popular Irish flower found in and around Cliffs of Moher, which is one of Ireland’s most visited and popular tourist attractions. This is the perfect place to see these Irish gems as Cliffs of Moher is iconic and a popular must-see for anyone in Ireland. The Cliffs have been featured in many Hollywood movies and music videos.

These purple, with a hint of blue, colored flowers bloom between June and August and are highly visible in a field of green. The flower features a long stem with petals near the base. The flower features florets that open in succession from one another – you can often see bees sipping on the nectar of this beautiful flower.

Spring Squill

More scientifically known as a Scilla Verna – this Irish plant is part of the Asparagaceae plant family. They are a small perennial flower that, unlike most flowers, thrive in dry and rocky grounds. They are native to Ireland and bloom commonly during Spring.

This Irish only flower is a violet-blue color and similar to Sheeps Bit, which is commonly found along the coastal cliffs of the country.

Wild Cherry

This Irish gem of a tree is found throughout Ireland. This beautiful tree can be found in woodlands throughout Ireland. Their branches feature a white and sometimes pink flower. The leaves can be oval and sometimes have a shine to them. The tree also bears fruit, known as a drupe, which is bright red to dark purple. These seeds are commonly eaten by birds and mammals but not humans.

The flowers which bloom from the Wild Cherry usually come out during early Spring.

St. Patrick’s Day Bouquets

Are you looking for a last-minute St. Patrick’s Day bouquet? Here are some excellent floral arrangements to give or send on this Irish holiday.

Roses – Don’t just send any rose, send yellow and white roses with some green add-ons. This can represent the Irish pot-of-gold.

Daffodils – Daffodils have always been associated with happiness, which makes sense that sending some yellow daffodils would be a great St. Patrick’s Day bouquet. The daffodil is considered an Irish favorite for flowers.

Shamrock – Though this commonly grows in grassy areas, the Shamrock is considered a sacred plant in Ireland. If you are lucky enough to spot a four-leaf clover, make a wish or buy a lottery ticket as this is a sign of good luck.

Daisies – Similar to the daffodils, daisies are associated with Spring and St. Patrick’s Day. The best choice of daisies to pick are ones that are white, yellow, and depending on the florists, green died daisies.

While St. Patrick’s Day is often associated with everything green, sometimes yellow and white flowers also symbolize this fun and happy day.

Flowers in Ireland

Ireland is a country located off the coast of the North Atlantic. Major bodies of waters and rivers surround it. The country has mild to cold climates. The soil is not the best for a lot of plants and flowers that are common in other places of the world – for example, a lot of the plants that grow well are ones that are sometimes considered weeds in other countries.

When it comes to flowers in Ireland, much of the natural beauties are the ones that sometimes are found in nature, whether it is walking cliffside or on the beach.

Whether you are looking to surprise someone with flowers or show them some Irish love, consider consulting a florist who can make recommendations to send overseas — looking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Consider a bouquet or a flower arrangement featuring shamrocks, daffodils, or Bells of Ireland.

So, the next time you are invited over to a St. Patrick’s Day get together, forget bringing Irish Soda Bread, Irish Whiskey or Shepard’s Pie, bring some flowers to brighten up your hosts day!

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