Flowers of the World: Europe

Beautiful flowers across Europe

European Flowers Dress the Earth In Its Finest

Millions of Europe’s flowers are exported to countries around the world annually, and the reason is not hard to fathom. Whether they are one of a wide variety of magnificent roses or a cluster of colourful carnations these spectacular blooms allow international flower delivery experts like FloraQueen to stun recipients with the breath-taking beauty of their arrangements.

Beautifl flowers across Europe

Whether you want to send flowers to Ireland, or send flowers to Sweden, the freshest examples of the spectacular range of local flora will be sure to enchant a loved one and brighten up any special occasion. The generosity with which nature has splashed colour onto the European landscape provides the perfect vessels to deliver every message and emotion. Lilies, gerberas and roses in a spectacular range of colours are only a few examples of ideal emotional messengers.

FloraQueen also provides a hassle-free method for those wanting to send flowers to UK, or send flowers to Germany. The challenge of impressing recipients in countries that celebrate flowers with renowned flower shows and festivals is met with distinction. The UK’s famous Chelsea Flower Show draws gardening enthusiasts from around the world to gaze in awe at nature’s splendour. Send flowers to UK and it could include the pink poppies that preen among icy-white roses while delicate blue irises add their own measure of beauty at this huge display of the best of English flora.

Blue Iris

Blue Iris

Send flowers to Germany and many of the blooms seen at its biannual national flower show will be included. The cornflower and the purple-blue alpine snowbell are two examples of beloved German blooms. Send flowers to Ireland and sunflowers and daffodils can enchant with their freshness and colour, and send flowers to Sweden to delight a loved one with the much-loved gerbera daisies and carnations.

Gerberas Daisies

Gerberas Daisies

The European countryside is a veritable smorgasbord of floral delights, so that to send flowers to Europe means having to decide on only a few of the amazingly kaleidoscopic range of flora available. What is certain is that any recipient of a European floral arrangement cannot fail to be touched and amazed by the beauty that abounds in the natural flora of this wondrous continent. Send flowers to Europe as an expression of love, gratitude, friendship or general appreciation and it is still the most effective means of communicating heartfelt emotions.

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