Want to send flowers to France? Read this first!

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So, you want to send flowers to France? Take care, if you are looking to send flowers to France you had better make sure you choose the right ones. The French won’t accept any old bouquet! They have a connection to flowers that is unmatched in most of the world. Read on to discover why and pick up some tips on which flowers are sure to win the hearts of your French loved ones.

You want to send flowers to france, but which?


send flowers to france peonies

France is such a beautiful country, stretching from the green and cooler North, to the snowy Alps, to the French Riviera on the Mediterranean Sea. These diverse landscapes and climates have given way to wide varieties of flowers growing across the whole country. Have you ever watched the Tour de France and been envious of all the people who get to call this beautiful country their home? Rows and rows of fields are filled with brightly coloured flowers and when they enter the towns you can see all the lovely houses with colourful hanging flower baskets from the balconies.

However, it’s not just during the Tour de France that little villages are dressed up in colour. Every year each village celebrates its own ‘Fête’, during these festivals the you can barely move in the villages for flowers! Every corner of the village is decorated with irises, lilies and peonies, ensuring that every village is a cheery as it could be!

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So, if you send flowers to France to a relative around the time of their fête, you can be sure that by sending flowers such as bouquet of peonies you will get it right! Their neighbours will all be jealous of their stunning floral display!


send flowers to france irises

It could be said that the most famous flower in France is the iris. This is very important emblem which in fact is now known as the national flower of France. Now you know this, we are sure you will see it popping up on all sorts of flags and shields where you had never noticed it before! For this reason, an obvious choice when you send flowers to France would be a bouquet of irises. We would recommend sending irises on Bastille Day. Why’s this? Well, on the day to celebrate all things French, the national flower couldn’t be any more fitting, could it?



Throughout the world the rose is known as the flower of love and in France this is no different. However, it could be argued that the French’s love for the rose far exceeds anyone else’s. They grow huge quantities of roses throughout the country and have been doing so since at least the 13th Century! Given its connotations with romance, the rose is a very appropriate flower for this most passionate of countries. Indeed, the capital city, Paris, is world renowned for being the city of love. Which means that if you send flowers to France, or Paris in particular, a bouquet of red roses would be just the thing!

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sunflowers and lavender

send flowers to france sunflowers

Can you picture a happier scene?

When you think of the South of France you probably go straight to thinking of the crystal blue Mediterranean waters, however for many people the distinctive memory is the wonderful smell of lavender from the lavender fields that stretch across the south and Provence in particular. It’s not just lavender fields that fill the French with joy. What would France be without its huge expanses of sunflowers, nodding in the warm breeze? Whilst it’s little more than an urban myth that sunflowers turn towards the sun, these flowers are synonymous with happy, sun filled summer days. So sending a bouquet which combines sunflowers and lavender is to send your French loved one a reminder of all their happy times in the countryside and this is what giving a gift is all about! 

With FloraQueen’s international flower delivery service you can be sure that you will be sending only the highest quality flowers to France. So you can rest assured that they will receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers. And if you follow our advice on which bouquet to send, you will be in their good books for a long time to come! Which of our recommendations would your special someone like the most? Let us know!