Which Birthday Flowers Are The Right Ones For Your Special Someone?

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Birthday flowers are well known as a go-to surprise gift. They are bright, full of colour and perfect for congratulating someone as they celebrate their birthday. When choosing a present, it’s important to make sure that the surprise will create the right impact with your recipient and with flowers, there can seem a lot of choices to make such as the right colour or the style of the arrangement.

To demystify the process, we’ve laid out the key things to know about gifting flowers for different types of recipients. With our guide, you’ll be able to see who you can impress most with a bouquet delivery as well as what flowers will create the biggest smiles.

What to know about gifting birthday flowers

For your mother

When sending birthday flowers for your mom it’s best to send her a softer more serene bouquet to represent the caring and loving bond between the two of you. With flowers like lilies, carnations and gerberas in pink, yellow and other warm colours you can really share a kind message that she’ll adore.

For your partner

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With birthday flowers for your partner, you can really go to town with making an impression on their special day. Of course, red roses are an amazing way to make a classic romantic gesture but don’t let that limit your imagination. There are plenty of other beautiful red flowers like lilies, orchids or alstroemerias which send a clear romantic message. If he or she isn’t a fan of red, don’t worry about trying a pink, white or orange selection of flowers which can also go a long way to demonstrate your love.

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For your friends and relatives

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With your friends choosing flowers is a bit more nuanced. Of course, choosing to send flowers to a friend on a birthday is going to depend on their taste and how close your relationship is. Naturally, it’s a good idea to steer clear from flowers that are strong in romantic overtones like 12 red roses. This could cause some confusion, if not offence.

With birthday flowers for your friends, it’s best to take advantage of the spirit of the occasion. Share flowers in colours known for communicating the energy and enthusiasm normally associated with birthday parties. Orange flowers, yellow flowers and pink flowers either in a single bouquet or mixed together are a clear cause for celebration.

Why flowers make great birthday gifts

They’re personal

A bouquet of flowers can be chosen to specifically to suit the taste of your special someone. If your loved one has a favourite flower or colour, then you can surprise them with a truly thoughtful gift.

Flowers enliven the senses

Flowers do more than just look nice, they smell great too. It’s been proven in research that flowers boost our mood and can certainly make a happy day even happier. This combination of sensuality and the ability to perk up spirits make flowers a gift with an extra touch of positivity.

They leave a lasting impression

gerberas decorative ruffs and birthday cake

Cut flowers don’t last forever. However, the emotion and thought they communicate last long after they’ve reached the end of their vase-life. It doesn’t matter if you’ve delivered them in person or had them couriered to their door. The sense of event and the feeling they create on arrival isn’t easily forgotten.

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Flowers on a birthday communicate a lot more than just joy. They represent connection, enthusiasm and ultimately love.

Impress with a beautiful bouquet of fresh birthday flowers and send them to loved ones in over 100 countries worldwide with FloraQueen’s delivery service. If you’d like to know more about the meaning of coloured flowers be sure to check out our guides on yellowblue, white, purple and pink blooms.

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