How To Surprise A Sagittarius With The Best Astrology Flowers

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As the year comes closer to its end and the shortest day grows nearer, we move into the time of Sagittarius. Those born between November 22nd – December 21st are represented by the constellation of the archer. As one of the fire signs of the zodiac, people born during this time can be passionate and temperamental. Therefore, choosing the perfect flowers to surprise a Sagittarius requires some consideration.

We’re going to demystify this sign today. In our guide on what makes Sagittarius a sensational sign, we’ll look at what makes these people tick. We’ll also explain how to impress with the ideal flowers for the archers of the zodiac.

Let’s take a look at what drives a Sagittarius and the flowers that best capture these adventurous, idealistic people.

Traits of a Sagittarius

As an astrological sign, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. This influences enthusiasm, creativity and luck. A typical person born under the zodiac of the archer is a vivacious character, with a great sense of humour. They also love to travel. A Sagittarius will promise you the world and take you on fantastic adventures.

However, of all the zodiac signs Sagittarius is known to overpromise. This matched with a great impatience and an impulsive, sometimes contrary attitude occasionally presents challenges in relationships. The best matches for a Sagittarius man or woman, however, has to be with a Libra. Their natural balance perfectly fits the more impulsive traits of an archer.

Positive Characteristics

  • Intellectual
  • Generous
  • Humourous
  • Ethically minded
  • Adventurous
  • Idealistic

Negative Characteristics

  • Inpatient
  • Impulsive
  • Argumentative
  • Tactless
  • Overpromising

The perfect flowers for a Sagittarius


Pink carnations

Colourful, vibrant and a little bit spicy, carnations are a great flower to surprise with during late November and early December. As astrology flowers, they capture that wanderlust of your special Sagittarius. In addition to this, they represent the divine which is bound to impress this idealistic star sign.


Allium flower

With expressive purple pompom flowers, it’s difficult to believe that allium is a type of onion. These beautiful flowers look amazing either on their own or in a bouquet. Their carefree shape and bluey-purple colour make them an ideal choice for a Sagittarius.


Crocus yellow and purple

Crocuses have been celebrated throughout history thanks to their part in creating Saffron, one of the world’s most precious spices. This exotic edge makes crocuses an ideal flower for an adventure-seeking Saggitarius.


Bird of paradise flower

This expressive, tropical flower, often known as a bird of paradise, captures a little of the things a Sagittarius loves. Just like an actual bird, it is known as a flower that represents freedom in addition to immortality.

If Sagittarius were a flower it would be:

Whenever you want to capture the personality of the Sagittarius sign, it’s important to appreciate its optimistic and idealistic style. This and its characteristic strong sense of freedom makes a daisy the perfect flower to suit the traits of this sign. Daisies are simple, genuine, innocent and grow spontaneously on lawns, along roadsides and on uncultivated land all over Europe.

Celebrities born under the sign of Sagittarius

  • Brad Pitt
  • Rita Ora
  • Nicky Minaj
  • Taylor Swift
  • Woody Allen
  • Steven Spielberg

Now is the time to honour your Sagittarius with a beautiful bouquet full of love and optimism. Choose from the perfect bouquets for birthdays and send them anywhere your loved one is celebrating. Remember, we can deliver in 100 countries just in time for their special day.

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