Amaze an Aquarius with flowers for their Zodiac sign

aquarius sign composed of flowers

Aquarius the water bearer is the first full Zodiac sign of the new year. Those born between January 21st and February 20th embody many wonderful characteristics. These characteristics have their own floral style. Choosing flowers to celebrate the Aquarians who fill your life with joy is easy and we’re going to tell you how. Just follow our guide and you’ll easily be able to amaze an Aquarius with flowers that suit their characteristics perfectly.

Traits of an Aquarius

Despite being associated with water, Aquarius is in fact connected to the element of air. As one of the air signs of the zodiac, it carries with it a love of freedom. Of course, that leads an Aquarius to adopt a forward-thinking attitude with a keen focus on doing the right thing for people everywhere. However, despite being an air sign, they have a strong affinity with the colour blue, giving them a small connection to water and the ocean.

Aquarius, however, has a strong link with the planet Uranus. It is the planet of change and this can reflect on the mood of many Aquarians, causing a changeable temperament. However, on the positive side, it also makes them highly adaptable to new ways of thinking and living. These are the true humanitarians of the Zodiac.

Positive characteristics

  • Open minded
  • Independent
  • Energetic
  • Thoughtful

Negative characteristics

  • Difficulty trusting people
  • Trouble expressing emotions
  • Uncompromising
  • Temperamental

The perfect flowers for an Aquarius


Blue orchid flowers

Orchids are perhaps the best flowers to give an Aquarian due to their uniqueness and exotic nature. Whilst there are no true blue orchids, there are many that florists have created via dyeing which will suit your lucky water bearer perfectly. Blue orchids also communicate a rarity which will ideally complement the open-minded nature of the Aquarian.


purple and yellow irises

Irises are another classic blue flower you can impress someone born under the sign of Aquarius. Furthermore, irises capture that brave independent streak that is best associated with Aquarians and reflect their eternal optimism.


Red carnations

Carnations as the birth flower of January already make them a great choice for an Aquarian born in this month. However, the connection doesn’t stop there. Colourful carnations also symbolise a mark of distinction. Much like orchids, this uniqueness compliments Aquarius’s affinity with all things special and outside the norm.

If Aquarius were a flower it would be:

Intelligent and full of imagination, those born under the sign of Aquarius are endowed with independence and an intellectual spirit. Being curious and attentive to the people they love, they are selfless and generous. This is paired with a desire to change the world for the better.

Therefore, the perfect flower for an Aquarius is a carnation. Known for its fantastical shapes and the colours of its bud, which are emblematic of passion and exuberance.

Celebrities born under the sign of Aquarius

  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Ashton Kutcher
  • Christian Bale
  • Michael Jordan
  • Shakira

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