Orchid Colors: Everything You Need to Know About it

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Orchids produce some of the most refined flowers in the world and with so many different colored varieties you might sometimes feel spoiled for choice. Today we’re going to simplify things by taking a look at the full spectrum of orchid colors to explore and explain just what it means when you send these magnificent flowers as a gift.

Firstly, it’s interesting to note that unlike many flowers, the name orchid is in fact a name of a pinkish purple color too. However, orchids aren’t limited only to this and can come in a complete rainbow of colors, with naturally occurring orchids growing in all the colors.

Let’s take a look at them in a little more detail:

Red orchids

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Like other red flowers, orchids in this tone communicate passion and desire as well as love, of course. Red orchids are no exception and make a fantastic alternative to red roses on Valentine’s Day.

Orange orchids

orange orchid white background

Orange orchids represent enthusiasm and bravery but like other orange flowers they represent the energy of the sun and personal growth. They are an ideal colour orchid to send the most energetic of greetings.

Yellow orchids

Yellow orchid white background

Friendship and joy are the preserve of yellow flowers in most cases but they can also be used to celebrate new life both physically and metaphorically. Naturally, this makes a yellow orchid a great gift for new parents.

Green orchids

Green orchid

Green orchids may be the quirky cousin of the family but they stand out from all other varieties with their almost fluorescent color. Communicating rejuvenation and nature they make a fantastic get well gift, as they signify good health and fortune.

Blue orchids

Blue orchid white background

Blue orchids are often used to communicate rarity as they are very uncommon in nature. True blue orchids are practically unheard of but you can very easily find specially created varieties that are dyed blue so that that you can still enjoy an amazing looking gift.

Purple orchids

Purple orchid white background

Purple being the colour of royalty gives these orchids a regal bearing. Therefore it’s no surprise that as a gift purple orchids are ideal to show your respect and admiration.

Pink orchids

Pink orchid white background

A beautiful pink orchid can communicate a lot of different emotions such as joy, elationmotherhood and femininity. This makes them the perfect surprise for a female friend or relative such as a wife or partner on an anniversary.

White orchids

White orchid white background

Lovely white orchids are representative of purity of mind and spirit and the most refined form of love. This makes them the orchid of choice for wedding celebrations. You’ll often find them used in the floral decorations or featuring prominently in bridal bouquets.

What makes orchids a perfect gift to give is not only the multitude of colors they can come in, but also the longevity they enjoy over cut flowers. With the right care and attention you can enjoy an orchid of any color in the home long after any celebration.

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