Pros and Cons to Plants In The Bedroom

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The bedroom might not seem like a natural place to keep a plant, especially if you’re a messy or forgetful person by nature. However, even if you don’t have a single green-finger you’d be surprised by the choice of plants that even a gardening noob can keep without killing and the many benefits that having them close to your bed can bring.

We’ve listed a few of the pros and cons to plants in the bedroom to help you decide whether now is the time to add an extra touch of nature to your personal space.

Pro: They help you sleep better

Waking up surrounded by plants

That’s right, plants near or next to your bed can help you get a better night’s sleep. According to studies by NASA houseplants not only produce additional oxygen for your room. As anyone with sleep apnea will attest, more oxygen at night is much better for a good night’s rest. Plants also reduce the quantities of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and natural toxins like benzene and formaldehyde, helping you breathe better in general.

This is especially the case for plants like Jasmine and Lavender which also add a sweet scent to your room. Studies have shown that anxiety dropped, while cognitive function and quality of sleep increased when participants slept in rooms perfumed with a floral scent. If you find sleep a challenge perhaps this could be a natural solution.

Con: They can be messy

plant spill

Live plants, of course, need soil and regular watering to thrive. This can sometimes lead to the occasional mess if the pot is upset or water spills. When selecting somewhere to place them it is especially important to take this into consideration.

Placing them somewhere potentially awkward like your bedside table or close to electrical items could lead to problems if the plant should be knocked over. This is especially true if you keep pets at home. Remember their natural curiosity could lead to the occasional accident.

Pro: They add extra calm to your decor

Dog sleeping among plants

One of the best things about plants around the home is that they add a cute touch of natural greenery. If you’re a lover of nature, then enjoying your own indoor jungle can be a great way to relax and to add personality to your living space.

In addition to looking good, they also reduce your stress levels. Indoor plants are well known for their ability to reduce stress allowing you to enjoy the dual effects of their natural beauty and the peace they add to your surroundings.

Con: Plants aren’t always good for pets

Cat eating plant

If you have cats and dogs around the house, be especially careful what plants you choose. Some varieties of houseplant like azalea, cyclamen and kalanchoe could be extremely dangerous for your furry friends if ingested. Always be sure to check whether plants are poisonous to a cat or dog before bringing them home to your pets.

Pro: They aid humidity levels

leaf moisture

In addition to their ability to improve air quality, plants also act as a natural dehumidifier. This is especially useful if you live in a home prone to damp and mould.

Plants have an ingenious ability to absorb excess moisture in the air through their leaves. The net result is less humidity and, as such, less mould and bacteria growing in your home. The most effective plants to aid with these issues are often ones that grow more happily in tropical environments like ferns and palms.

Con: The indoor environment can damage your plants

Sick houseplant

While houseplants are easy to grow indoors, sometimes our homes can cause them issues. This is especially common in the winter where central heating, a lack of fresh air or cold draughts can be stressful for your plants.

Even at the best of times, keeping the right balance of soil moisture can take some care and attention. Sometimes this means occasionally changing the soil or moving your plant to a different pot. However, in the majority of cases, the only thing you need to worry about is not overwatering or underwatering your plant.

The most important thing is to always check the soil before giving it a drink. If it’s too dry add some water and allow it to drain (too much moisture causes root rot). If it’s still wet give it a little more time to dry out better.

Best plants for the bedroom:

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