Decorate Your Dinner Table with Christmas Flowers

Christmas table with flowers

Everyone has their own way of adding some flair to the dinner table. Some people do the talking with the turkey and trimmings, whilst others dazzle their guests with stunning decorations and presentation. Of course, Christmas is a time when many bring nature into their home with a traditional Christmas tree and perhaps the odd sprig of holly or mistletoe here and there. This is where Christmas flowers can be of assistance as the dinner table on Christmas Day can also be jazzed up with some of nature’s finery.

Today we’re going to tell you how you can also enjoy the wonder of bringing flowers to the Christmas dinner table. We’ve detailed a few different options starting from the simple to the most opulent.


Candles decorated with flowers

Christmas is a time when we normally bring light into our homes to brighten the shortest days of the year. Naturally candles and Christmas go perfectly together. There are a few ways you can upgrade your regular candles with flowers to bring a floral feel to the table. One way is to place your candle in a glass jar or vase (the vase is not essential but of to be safe and to avoid damaging the surface of the table you should place the candles on a durable surface.) and simple wrap the flowers around the base of the candle. Wildflowers or special winter foliage such as holly, gypsophila or hypericum berries can add the perfect Christmassy feel. You can also achieve a similar effect if you gently pin the stems to the candle wax (although it’s best to prepare the candles just before the meal or the flowers may wilt and do not try this method with dried or plastic flowers as they may burn).


Red and green Christmas flowers with berries and pine

A well chosen bouquet can of course add the perfect extra touch to the dinner table. Christmas bouquets are usually resplendent with red and white flowers and seasonal decorations like pine, baubles and seasonal berries. Even a classic poinsettia could add the perfect feel to your design. With a well chosen vase and arrangement your bouquet can be the talk of the table. See our pick of the best bouquets for Christmas.

Classic centrepieces

Red Christmas centrepiece with roses.

The holiday season is a busy time for centrepiece creation. With Christmas coming hot on the heels of Thanksgiving, it’s out with the orange and yellow seasonal colours and in with rich reds, greens and whites. In many cases people use tinsel, holly and pine branches to keep their table designs festive. However interspersing Christmas favourites like amaryllis, lilies and roses can add some natural freshness to your creations.


Green candle wreath

It’s not just for the front door, bring one inside and add it to the table. With it’s round design it’s perfect for you to lie flat and place on the table. You could use as a centrepiece or you could even use as a place to set the condiments or trimmings for the meal. Find out how to make your own here.

Floral chandelier decorations
Holiday poinsettia chandelier decoration


If you really want to pull out all the stops, then a decorated floral chandelier could be the ultimate way to impress your guests with flowers on Christmas day. Carefully weave a few stems and greenery around the structure of your light fittings and secure them in place with the help of some florists wire and voila!

Whatever you choose, you can see that adding some flair to your decorations with flowers can seriously wow your visitors over the Christmas period. Will you try one of our ideas or do you have any special ways you think we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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