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Turkey is known as a window into the mysteries of the Orient for Europeans and, vice versa, it provides a glimpse into the culture of the Old Continent to Middle Eastern people. Historically, it is a strategically important country, and the Ottoman Empire has proven this in history by exerting tremendous influence on a number of Mediterranean civilisations. The country provides access to the Black Sea and contains elements of both Middle Eastern and Western civilisations, despite the population’s religion being 99% Muslim. However, as regards religion, it is important to remember that the Republic of Turkey has had no official religion since 1924, when some important constitutional amendments were introduced.

Turkey’s population is approximately 75.8 million and the country’s total area is about the same size as the State of Texas. This makes the country considerably smaller than other major states in Europe, yet the influence it has borne throughout history makes it a nation of great importance. The largest city in Turkey is Istanbul, which is not the capital, and it boasts a number of important sights and landmarks visited by tourists yearly. There is much to do in the city, and its history dates back roughly 300 years. The country’s cultural fabric can be witnessed here, with a melting pot of many different cultures and civilisations making up Istanbul’s social fabric. This gives more than a glimpse into why Turkey is considered an important passage from Europe into the Middle East.

The capital of Turkey is Ankara, where the Grand National Assembly of Turkey is located, and the city has a rich history that extends all the way back to the Stone Age. Many of the world’s most influential civilisations have passed through here to engage in trade or important affairs, and the city remains one of the most important places in Europe as far as history is concerned. The currency used in this country is the Turkish Lira, which shared the same name with the former Italian currency, before the Euro was introduced. FloraQueen makes international flower delivery to Turkey, whatever the city, child’s play.

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