Photo ideas for your Christmas cards

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These days, it’s very easy to send a message expressing your best wishes for the holidays! You can send an email, an SMS, or via post. All that’s missing normally is a nice photo to accompany what’s inside. In today’s article, we’ll help you come up with an idea for a perfect photo and for wonderful Christmas cards!

1. The family photo


The family photo is a simple classic and with it you can’t go wrong! You can take it outside or inside, in front of the tree or the fireplace! See our previous post to decide which look to choose this Christmas 2015.

2. The pet photo


Photos of our dogs and cats are all the rage right now. These photos of animals with Father Christmas beards, or sleeping with a reindeer cuddly toy between their paws are flooding the internet. Follow the trend and snap some photos of your adorable companions!

3. The new baby photo


Babies are by definition cute, adorable, soft, pure, sweet…Essentially, all that is necessary to ensure your photo doesn’t go unnoticed! We will dare anyone to throw away a Christmas card with a cute baby on it!

5. The couple photo

foto amore

There is no need to wait for spring for Cupid to arrive! With its romantic snowy setting, its cabins, and its mistletoe, Christmas is also a suitable season to celebrate love! Set the example, and declare your love to everyone with a photo of the two of you as a Christmas card!

Accompany your card with an amazing bouquet of flowers for Christmas! And don’t forget your far-away loved ones: order flowers for international delivery and remind them how much you love them!

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