10 Of The Worst Christmas Gifts You Can Give

10 of the worst christmas gives you can give title card

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Lets face it, Christmas shopping is a pain. Sometimes it’s impossible to choose the right gift for that special person you want to impress. However, that’s no excuse for some of the terrible gifts that get given every year during the holidays. We searched the internet and asked the staff at FloraQueen to find some of the worst Christmas gifts ever given. Hint: It’s not socks

1. A can of unicorn meat

Merry Christmas! Here is a dismembered unicorn toy in a tin. Once you get over the novelty and admittedly well-written text on the can, this really is a throwaway gift.

2. Ugly Christmas sweaters


Just stop it ok!

3. Gift vouchers for a store they hate


Oh, thanks. I’m sure I’ll love spending that $20 Bed, Bath and Beyond voucher. This also applies to anyone in the UK still giving people £20 WH Smiths vouchers at Christmas.

4. A scooter


Remember you’re just going to spend the next 365 days of the year tripping over the stupid thing.

5. Crocs


Crocs are not only a fashion disaster. It’s also been shown that they’re actually bad for your health.

6. Wrinkle cream


Word of advice, never buy this for your Mother-in-Law. Needless to say, she won’t appreciate it. One of our team found that out the hard way.

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7. Binoculars


Why would you buy this for someone who’s not a proud bird watcher?

8.  A vacuum cleaner


That’s what everyone wants to think about at Christmas. Cleaning… Be warned, buying this for a female friend or relative is an incredibly stupid idea for obvious reasons. It is December 2018 after all.

9. Fresh fish


Whether the person doing the gifting is a fisherman or they just have a sick sense of humour, this is a surprise that’ll leave a bad stink long after Christmas morning.

10. Granny pants


I think Grandma may have forgotten to buy a gift and was forced to improvise at the last minute.


Have you ever received any of these awful presents yourself? What was the worst Christmas gift you’ve ever received? Let us know in the comments below.

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