A Flowery Christmas


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The florist is the Christmas specialist, offering flowers, foliage, trees and houseplants to celebrate this magical time of year and that’s why FloraQueen is here to help you choose your Christmas gift.

Red and white flowers are usually more prolific at Christmas, winter whites set the mood for a sparkling Christmas, ivy, berries, ranunculas, silver sprayed leaves, eryngium and white roses. A shortage of raw material during winter also makes it a time for using

long lasting or dried flowers. Winter favourite flowers and foliage are eucalyptus, carnations, roses, hypericum, holly, ivy, dried fruits and berries. Remember to add cord or ribbon to add an element of interest to your decoration. Christmas decorations need not be expensive if you have access to foliage, spray paint, ribbons, cones, spices for aromas, you are ready to begin!


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Decorating your tree

Traditionally decorated with lights and ornaments, the tree is frequently colour coordinated to blend with the room décor or a theme.

There has been a huge demand for natural Christmas trees in recent years that last well and do not shed too many needles. The ideal way to treat a natural tree is to bring it indoors for the 12 days of Christmas, to extend its life keep the tree watered even if it doesn’t have roots to counteract the effect of central heating dehydrating it.


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Door garlands


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Door garlands are a traditional symbol of welcome and hospitality. After the Christmas tree, the door garland or wreath is a popular seasonal design. The bright colours and pungent aroma of pine offer a seasonal welcome. Most people prefer to keep to traditional foliage, holly, mistletoe and ivy, colours such as red and green but it is possible to incorporate materials and colours to make them unique and stunning.



Table Decorations

Arrangements can be large or small depending on the size of the table, if space is very limited you can simply decorate a napkin with ribbon, dried foliage or sprayed items such as flower heads and berries.


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Pot plants

A wide range of dramatic pot plants such as cyclamen, pointsettia, flowers and foliage are available from around the world at this time of year which also make for suitable gifts.


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No Christmas celebration is complete without a bunch of mistletoe and the old custom of kissing underneath this romantic plant, according to myth it is a fertility charm, as the plant bears fruit in the depth of winter.


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