How to Make a Christmas Centrepiece in 8 Easy Steps

Christmas Decoration

Christmas is a great excuse to unleash your creative streak and really put your own stamp on the day. decorations in all shapes and sizes are everywhere but there is one decoration you can’t be without and that is the centrepiece. A Christmas table without a centrepiece is like a home without a Christmas tree. It just doesn’t look right. So here is our simple and easy to follow guide on how to make a Christmas Centrepiece for your home.

There are so many simple ways of creating this – you don’t have to be a whizz with a block of oasis and some carnations. Simple accessories and a vision of what you would like and the rest will fall in place.

You don’t need all the frills and fuss of a grand centrepiece to make your table look sophisticated it needn’t be expensive either – It is amazing what you can create with a few everyday items that you will probably already have around the home. Once you have your centrepiece you can decorate the rest of the table with a few other unobtrusive pieces that will all tie in with the main display.

There are a couple of things to think about before you begin. Obviously the size and shape of your centrepiece will be dictated by the size and shape of your table. You need to leave space for all the other things that will be present on the table – namely food dishes, plates, condiments etc. Nobody wants a stray piece of evergreen hanging over their plate.

Christmas Decoration

First of all Pick a colour palette that reflects your home

You don’t want a gaudy table clashing with the rest of the surroundings. It looks better to have something that will still look stunning but won’t stand out for the wrong reasons.

Be realistic; choose an idea which will match your creative ability.

A few items you have around your home and garden such as baubles, tea lights, ribbon and evergreen leaves will all make a simple yet effective display.To begin making your display there are a few ideas which will help you create the perfect table centrepiece. The guide below shows you how to create a straightforward centrepiece and allows you the freedom to make a stunning yet simple display.

Find a suitable container

Use a vase, empty jars, glass dish, plate (mirrored for maximum wow factor) or cake stand and collect your chosen items. A simple one for beginners is to fill a small jar with miniature baubles to match your colour scheme and a candle. You can have two or three of these dotted around your table and they always look very festive.

Simple evergreen

Overlap leaves (pine, ivy and holly work best for this) over the sides of the dish and add a candle in the centre. Place a range of different sized baubles around it or leave out the candle and pyramid Christmas crackers/seasonal fruit/baubles/nuts in the centre. For an effective yet easy centrepiece.

Add a touch of professionalism

Should you wish to go for something a little more creative, try using a block of oasis, some fresh flowers in seasonal colours, evergreen leaves and with the larger leaves positioned around the block at the bottom, cut the stems off the flowers so they range in short lengths. It is easiest to do this if you add one type of flower at a time so you can gain an even coverage around the oasis, cover the whole block with flowers so none of the oasis can be seen. Accent with pinecones, cinnamon sticks or holly berries for a really festive look. Don’t forget you can always decorate your stand/pot with ribbon or subtle led lights.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

A can of gold or silver spray paint can add Christmas hues to the plainest of objects. For example gold sprayed pine cones add a touch of sparkly glamour to any display. Dry your own fruit by cutting an orange into round slices, place on some parchment and dry on a low heat in the oven for an hour. These can be dotted around the display and smell so festive!

Get your kids involved

Creating your own centrepiece is a great way to get children involved too. If you are looking for something to keep children occupied over the festive season then allow them to get crafty with a vase or dish, a bag of tangerines and some diamanté/sparkly stickers and get little fingers to work decorating the fruit. Add a few eucalyptus leaves, led lights or cinnamon sticks and let them create a festive yet simple display. What is more the fruit is still edible afterwards too.Another way to get kids involved is to go searching for pine cones and twigs that can be sprayed and added to an arrangement. A walk in the woods searching for pine cones and twigs that can be spray painted to match your colour scheme. Then they can help you add them to the finished display and add their own stamp on to the centrepiece making it a family occasion that can then become a tradition each Christmas.

Time saving centrepieces

If you don’t have the time to create a centrepiece from scratch then you can always buy one already made up. Poinsettias are always a favourite at this time of year so why not buy a plain one and create a display with just a few things you already have such as baubles, dried fruits and ribbons – these can all change the way a ready-made centrepiece looks without going to any extra expense or effort.  It’s easy to do without making the piece look over the top. Just a few subtle changes can have a really dramatic effect.

For the perfect Christmas centrepiece, the best way to do it is your way. It’s Christmas so be as over the top as you like or keep it sweet and simple, whatever you decide, Christmas centrepieces are a lot easier to make than you may think and will certainly be a talking point at lunch on the day!

Christmas Decoration


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