The 9 best homemade gifts for your best friend

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Our best friend is so important, aren’t they? Whenever you have a great story to tell or some gossip to share, they are your first port of call! They are always there for you when you are feeling happy or sad, excited or anxious, angry or pleased. When it comes to choosing a present to thank them for just being amazing it’s a hard decision. Well thankfully for you we are going to present you with 9 great gift ideas that are guaranteed to show them how grateful you are for their never ending support.


The best gifts for your best friend


Sweet bouquet

Lets be honest, who doesn’t love a bar of chocolates and some sweets from time to time? This gift will really stun your best friend both with your creativity and the time that you’ve put into creating such a delicious and beautiful gift. For full instructions of how to put it together, take a look here. You don’t have to send a bouquet of flowers to show you care, although of course they would love that too!

best friend sweet bouquet


filled slippers

Slippers are a cute gift, as everyone loves a pair of comfy slippers. However, turn a present of a pair of fluffy slippers into one that they will always remember and fill it with a few small extras, like chocolates and make up and tie them up with a bow. With a couple of little touches a nice gift of a pair of slippers turns into a gift that your best friend will always remember receiving from you.

best friend slippers gift


open when cards

Your best friend is just like anyone else and will inevitably go through some times which are better than others. This gift means that you will be by her side throughout all of the whole rollercoaster of emotions! These cards are there for the friend to open at a particular moment, such as when they are feeling happy, feeling sad or are in need some laughter. These can be personalised as much as you like, with maybe a chocolate bar to help celebrate the good times or a silly selfie of the 2 of you from a happy memory to help bring a smile to her face.

best friend open when


Bucket list

This girl has been by yourside for years and of course will be for years to come. Why not present her with a list of all the things that you 2 need to do together, all those crazy ideas you’ve talked about, but have never actually done. Be it going to watch your favourite band perform live or climbing a mountain together. Put them down on a pretty list for them to put up in their room and there will now be no excuse to not follow through with them!

best friend bucket list


Home decorated candle

A great way to celebrate your friendship is to have little reminders of each other in your rooms. Why not get all crafty and make them one of these candles with a personalised design? As you’ll see they really aren’t hugely difficult to make, but make a really thoughtful gift! Whenever they go to light this candle they will think of your friendship. How cute!

best friend candle


Scrabble coaster

These are a simple enough gift to make, but they will really show a lot of affection. Put 16 scrabble letters together on a coaster and you have a simple way to remind them that you are there for them whatever the occasion. The example is based around wine but it could easily say something along the lines of “THE- BEST MATE EVER. I’ll leave you to get creative! Let us know your suggestions. 

best friend coaster


circular photo collage 

Together you have shared amazing memories and of course all these memories will be accompanied with hundreds of selfies. So put all of those memories into one beautiful gift and show her what a special friend she is to you.

best friend photo collage



This is the classic gift that best friends have given each other through the ages, but it is still a great gift to both give and receive. I mean who doesn’t want to have their precious memories preserved for all time in a cute, little book? That amazing spontaneous weekend break in Paris and that hilarious night in when you were just watching Netflix with an enormous tub of ice cream will be there for you to look back on and remember for the rest of your life.

best friend scrap book


Chocolates and cava

Channeling the spirit of Julie Andrews, what are your best friend’s favourite things? We can be pretty sure that chocolate and cava are pretty high up on their list. So why don’t you send a gift of this delicious combination? These will really be the icing on the cake of any of the DIY gifts that we have previously mentioned. With this gift, the next time you 2 are having a lovely chilled evening in together watching a film it can be made that extra little bit special with smooth Lindor truffles and a bottle of yummy cava!

BK30018Which of these gift ideas would you like to make and give to your best friend? What goes without saying is that your best friend would be over the moon with any of them, they would all show how much you care for her! Let us know in the comments below.


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