Macrame Plant Hanger DIY

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Macrame plant hangers are becoming more and more popular nowadays, thanks to their generally sleek and elegant design. People are beginning to appreciate the importance and benefit of having plants inside the home or workplace wherever possible, and Macrame plant hangers can easily be made DIY. If you choose to make a Macrame plant hanger yourself, they can be made very cheaply, too. They can also be hung in many different types of spaces and areas of the home, and many different types of plants can be grown or kept inside such a hanger. This article discusses:
  • Information on Macrame Plant Hangers
  • Different Ways to Use Macrame Plant Hangers
  • How to DIY Macrame Plant Hangers

Information on Macrame Plant Hangers

Macrame plant hangers are actually not a new thing. They were very popular in homes throughout the 1970s. They are a great and practical way to make the most of space inside your home, especially if you live in something of a small space. If you are lacking somewhat in shelf or storage space, then you can choose to hang one or several of your plants from the ceiling instead of displaying them on a surface. It also offers a different way to display plants than what people are normally used to, and you can see them from different angles than you would if they were kept on the ground or on a desk, for example.

Different Ways to Use Macrame Plant Hangers

The plant hangers look great in so many different parts of the house, and there are many different ways that they can potentially be displayed. For example, you might like to make an outside display with several plant hangers. You can choose a selection of plants that do well outside, and then make a series of plant hangers. Then, you can make the plant hangers, and hang them somewhere outside, like on a porch or veranda. This can be a great way to make outside areas of your house more visually enjoyable and beautiful, without taking up much space.

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Another great way to use Macrame plant hangers is in rooms that benefit greatly from the calmness and beauty that plants can provide. Bedrooms can often be brightened up by the addition of a plant, and it is really lovely when you have a nice plant in your bedroom if you spend a good amount of time in there. It makes the whole atmosphere of the room more relaxed and a touch more natural. If you are making a plant hanger for your bedroom, you might like to come up with a design that is a little more neutral or minimalistic than you might use for another room, so that it is not too gaudy or distracting from the rest of the décor of the room.

Many people are fortunate enough to have a conservatory or sunroom in their home. These rooms are largely made up of glass, and they are wonderful places to spend a quiet contemplative moment reading, listening to the rain, or enjoying the sunshine or moonlight through the window or ceiling. They are also fantastic places to have one or several plant hangers, as they can become a really nice part of the room and complement the scenery from outside the conservatory, which is easily visible thanks to the numerous windows and glass walls that they feature. In a space like this, it is best to make a plant hanger that is in light or muted colors, so that it does not overpower the scenery from outside the observatory or the interior of the area.

How to DIY Macrame Plant Hangers

Part of the appeal of the Macrame plant hanger is that they are very easy to DIY. They can be made so many different ways, and they are a great opportunity to recycle materials you might already have. You can make the plant hanger in a way that highlights the netting itself, by choosing a really nice rope or piece of string to put the plant and the pot in. This is a more rustic approach, and the appearance of the final product can vary a lot simply depending on what you choose to hang it in. You can also experiment with tying different knots in the rope that you hang the plant and hanger in, to change the appearance of the hanger overall.

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Another part of the appearance of the Macrame plant hanger is the pot that you choose to have the plant in. There are so many different kinds of options here, and you can experiment with the color of the pot and how it mixes and matches with the color or the appearance of the plant, as well as the rope or cord that you hang it all together with. Make sure to find a pot that isn’t too heavy to hang from wherever you choose to hang the plant from, as this can be damaging to the building. Pots obviously come in many different kinds and varieties, so you can choose something that truly fits the room or area that you are decorating perfectly.

Many people choose to knit their hanger, instead of just using rope or twine and tying knots in it. This can be a fun and more challenging version of the project, and it is a great thing to take on if you are a competent knitter. It takes considerably longer to knit the hanger instead of just using rope or twine, so make sure you have the time and energy to see such a project through before you take it on.

There are a variety of different patterns and styles you can knit the hanger in, so it is possible to really customize the appearance of the hanger this way by using different patterns. Some are more decorative than others, for example, while others are simpler and plainer, and have a more spartan or utilitarian appearance. Simply choose the pattern that can best suit the room the hanger is placed in and start to knit away!

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