How to Make Fruit Flowers

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The chances are that you’ve seen some amazing fruit flower arrangements throughout your lifetime. They’re usually on display at events, and they are meant to be consumed by those in attendance. Now there may not be anything special to you in eating fruits; however, there is an aesthetic appeal to the designs that people put so much effort into.

Even if you felt as if you had no desire for the fruits, seeing the results of incredible creative juices is likely to change your mind. So, the question is, can you do it too? While it does take a certain level of focus, you can pull off creating your own fruit flowers at home. Today, the idea is to teach you how to do so effectively. The steps to be covered are:

* Gather your supplies
* Make your flower variations
* Flower assembly
* Get your container
* Finishing touches

Gather Your Supplies

There’s no point in trying to make something if you don’t have the necessary components to do so. Note that there are no fancy tools required to pull off what you are trying to achieve here. However, there are some ingredients and pieces of equipment that you should ensure you have before you get going. By doing this, you put yourself in the best position to create the beautiful fruit flowers that you desire.

First, you need your fruit pieces. To this end, you must gather a pineapple, grapes, a melon, and some strawberries. You also need to get your hands on some chocolate for melting purposes. Apart from this, the rest of the components are mostly equipment-based. These include your toothpicks, bamboo skewers, floral foam, flower-shaped cookie cutters, greenery, and a container for display.

Make Your Flower Variations

The next step in your edible arrangement is the start to flesh out some of the flower variations. The first is that of strawberry roses. To make these, push a bamboo skewer into the stem end of a strawberry. Note that you can choose to dip them in chocolate if you so desire. There are several recipes to this end if you want to get creative.

Next, you can make your melon and pineapple daisies. Start by cutting the fruits into one-inch slabs. Then use your flower-shaped cookie cutters to press and cut out the shapes. It’s best if you have cutters that are various sizes, so you can get a realistic mixture of small and large flowers.

Flower Assembly

As you want to give your fruit flowers are realistic look, they need to stand as if they were real. Achieving this is very simple, as it only requires you to insert toothpicks and bamboo skewers into the base of the fruit flowers. For added beauty, you can also opt to make multi-colored flowers. To do this, put a smaller flower on top of a larger one, then skewer both together. It’s best to do this from the back, which prevents you from dealing with the visual of a toothpick at the front of the arrangement.

You’re not limited to a two-flower combination. If you want to, you can increase the number of flowers, or you can add something, such as a blueberry in the center, which yields a more realistic Daisy type look. Grapes also work in the same manner, as you can use them to vary the amount of color any arrangement. Feel free to also put them in fruit dip.

Get Your Container

Now that your fruit flowers are all ready to go, it’s time to prepare your container. You can’t put fruit flowers into a vase as you would real flowers, because they don’t hold as well. Preparing the container is nothing too hard, however, as it simply requires you to get some floral foam. Cut a block of your foam that you can fit inside your container. This kind of foam is not very hard, so a simple kitchen knife can suffice in cutting it.

With your container ready, you can start to arrange your flowers to your liking. It is recommended that you begin your arrangements by putting in the larger flowers first. Once you’ve done this, there are small patches remaining that you can fill in with the smaller ones. Typically, this means that the flowers made with the melons and pineapples go in before your cute little strawberry roses. You may notice that even after all this is done, there are still a few empty spaces. Have no fear, as that is about to be addressed.

Finishing Touches

You need to imagine this as if it were a real flower arrangement. You can even think of a flower crown for this step. In both cases, there are numerous flower types used to give the arrangement substance. However, it’s not realistic to cover all the empty spaces with pretty flowers. This is the reason that there are pieces of greenery used to achieve this effect.

If you want your flower arrangement to have are similar realistic look, then you simply need to do the same. This is the reason that you are advised to gather greenery as one of your ingredients. All you need to do now is identify the bare spots and fill them in.

If you want recommendations for the best the greenery pieces to get, then you can choose from eucalyptus, lemon leaves, or whatever else you may desire. The point is that whatever you need should be available at either your local grocery store or florist. Of course, when you buy the greens, they may be a bit much for your fruit flower arrangement. All you need to do is trim them with kitchen shears before putting them in.


Fruit flowers are very appealing flower arrangements that are made entirely of fruit. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also edible. This makes them shine on multiple levels. As they are typically professionally done, people tend to think that it’s near impossible to make them. However, once you have the right ingredients, it’s easier than you may think. The best part is that there is no fancy equipment required to get things going. Stick to the steps above, and your DIY fruit arrangement is likely to be done in no time.

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