Trick or bunch? Give flowers at Halloween

Trick or treat

You are certainly a big fan of Halloween parties — a tradition that involves disguising oneself, frightening other people and eating sweets can’t be bad, don’t you think?

Here at FloraQueen we adore traditions, but we love innovation even more; that’s why we would like to propose a little variation of what children say when visiting houses to ask for sweets. We think that, as well as the typical ‘Trick or treat?’, this Halloween we could begin to use the expression ‘Trick or bunch?’

Trick or treat

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Because if we give flowers on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc., why not at Halloween also? That’s why we have prepared, on our website, a special selection of flowers for Halloween, based mainly on orange and red hues.

What would you think, for example, of decorating your Halloween dinner with our Perfect Sunrise bouquet? This mixture of irises, chrysanthemums and orange carnations will enliven the party and add a touch of colour to your table, especially if you combine it with a black tablecloth and black serviettes.

Nevertheless, as you already know, at FloraQueen we not only offer you bouquets of flowers and pretty plants, we also have other surprises ready for you. When preparing your order, you can include some small decorative candles which will bring a fascinating contrast of colours to your floral arrangement: add these lovely little white ghosts or these terrifying black bats, they will stand out among the orange flowers!

Halloween candles

The best thing about these little complements in the form of candles is that, as well as decorating, they are useful! During the dinner you can use them to illuminate the table and create the typical, ghostly atmosphere for these festivities. You can also decide on this pretty, orange, pumpkin-shaped candle and embellish your table with one of the occasion’s most characteristic icons.

And if you’d like to add an original touch to your bouquet, why not use a real pumpkin as a flowerpot? Cut off its upper part, hollow it out and arrange your FloraQueen bouquet inside it. Your Halloween table will then be, without any doubt, the most interesting in the neighbourhood.

Calabaza maceta

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