5 Unique Oktoberfest Hangover Cures

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There is, of course, such a thing as too much beer and with Oktoberfest coming to a close this weekend it’s quite possible a lot of people will have been overdoing it on the alcohol. Naturally, hangovers are always unwanted experiences with everyone looking for fix-all cures (aside from giving up alcohol) for this natural annoyance. We’ve put our heads together here at FloraQueen to come up with a few slightly different ways to clear your hangover quickly and (mostly) painlessly.

Eat Rollmops

Rollmops German Herrings

These delightful looking rolled up herrings are Germany’s go-to when it comes to hangovers. While the traditional white sausage and pretzel breakfast is popular in Munich where the wildest celebrations for Oktoberfest take place, the country as a whole seems to be in agreement that these bizarre pickled fish are the best way to stave off your hangover. The logic is that the salt and protein content of the fish replace your lost electrolytes, while most-likely, stunning you and your taste buds with the shock of the strong flavour.

Drink Pickle Juice

Pickles and their Juice

Continuing with the theme of pickle-related shock and awe hangover cures is the old post-drinking treatment for the Russians and the Polish. Now, as we all know the Russian people especially know how to put away the vodka so they aren’t messing around when it comes to hangover cures. The idea for this treatment is not just to shock your system into sobriety with the taste but is to replace essential salts that would have been depleted during your drinking binge. This is definitely the better alternative to the rollmop for anyone who doesn’t like fish or is vegan.

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Wear Flowers in your Hair

Flowers in a girls hair

Now you know why girls are always wearing flower crowns at festivals, as it turns out the Ancient Romans used to employ this method to cure the comedowns of their wine-fuelled parties. Men and women used to use roses and ivy to soothe the ‘bad humours’ that were released from drinking and caused the dreaded hangover. The idea was that wine caused your body to heat up and the naturally cooling nature of cut flowers would help to calm the problem.

Eat a Load of Cabbage

Cabbage cut up

Once again we have the Romans and their theories about humours for this cure. Eminent medics of the time believed that wine and cabbage were natural enemies and could counterbalance the effects of each other (although you show me someone who’s ever had a hangover from Cabbage). There were right about one thing though as the natural acidity of wine can be neutralised by the alkalising qualities of cabbage so there is at least some scientific basis to this claim. You could also try pickling it as that seems to be the Germanic way to do things and turn it into Sauerkraut. As you can see a pattern is emerging.

Place Fresh Flowers Around the House

Flowers on the windowsill

Perhaps a more practical and comfortable way to get the hangover curing benefits of flowers without resorting to pressing the petals into your skull is by carefully arranging flowers around your home. There is no doubt that fresh flowers can help you oxygenate the rooms of your house and also provide a aromatheraputic effect that will improve your probably sour mood. Also, with their bright colours in easy view (rather than on your head where you can’t see them) you can benefit from their mood enhancing visual effect.

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So there you have it if you’re brave enough to try any of these ‘special’ treatments to cure your Oktoberfest overindulgence (at your own risk of course). Be sure to make the most of Oktoberfest before it comes to an end on October 3rd although hopefully you won’t need to resort to drastic hangover cure methods.

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