Inspiring Quotes to Achieve Success in Life

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If you want to be successful in life, to be powerful, to have happiness, or money, you should have courage and self-confidence. You should cultivate self-respect and you should overcome the inherent adversity towards people, things, and deeds and cultivate positive thinking; it also important to overcome the fear of failure, working hard to achieve the goals that give you the meaning of life. In this article, we share some quotes that inspire and motivate you to obtain success in life. Let’s read more about:

* Motivation versus inspiration
* What makes the difference between success and failure?

Motivation Versus Inspiration

We aim to achieve something great, but we all lack real motivation from time to time. We all, without exception, have moments in our lives when we have to do something that seems uninteresting to us, or worse, we think we have a burden. We are unmotivated to do that thing, or we simply do not want to get started. How do we go beyond the moment?

*”Don’t wait! The right time never comes” (Napoleon Hill)
*”I hated every minute of training, but I said: don’t give up. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion” (Muhammad Ali)

Motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic. If the motivation is an external phenomenon, regarding people and what they have to do, inspiration is that self-generated force that drives you to act. Inspiration comes exclusively from within. It is what you experience when you feel the desire and joy of doing something, whether it is easy or difficult, whether you like it or not.

* “Enthusiasm is an emotion with inspiration, motivation and a little creativity” (Bo Bennett) Moreover, inspiration becomes a conscious choice and increases to the highest levels when you tell yourself “I simply want to do this ” and not “I have to do this because others told me that I have to do it”.
* “Life gives you opportunities and you either take them or … you get scared to take advantage of them” (Jim Carrey) All you have to do is to think about the tasks you have to perform, what is the proper attitude and how you should achieve the goals you set. Inspiration is not a divine gift, it is a gift we all have, but the more we impose limits, the less we get inspired.
* “Little people have a habit of discouraging you, but big people know how to make you feel like you can.” (Mark Twain) Awards, encouragement, and recognition of others nourish inspiration every time. The feeling of “the thing well done” is very beneficial in nurturing our inspiration and our determination.
* “When you want something, the whole universe conspires to fulfill the dream.” (Paulo Coelho)
* “Be realistic, always you have to wish the impossible.” (Paulo Coelho)

If inspiration is also fueled by desire, then emotions strongly guide you on the path you set out to follow. Desire is acting as a powerful catalyst for inspiration. When you find the inspiration to achieve a certain goal, you know what the difference is between motivation and inspiration. Inspiration has no connection with external stimuli, it reflects a higher level of brain functioning, a level that manifests itself in the attitudes you develop, in the desire to succeed in life, and the greater the inspiration is, the more achievements you have.

What Makes the Difference Between Success and Failure

Each person is unique and what motivates you does not necessarily motivate the one next to you. Over time, however, some motivational techniques have proven to be effective and here are some of them:

* Inspiration: “Your most angry clients are the most important source of inspiration” (Bill Gates). Feeling inspired is a decisive element for staying motivated. If the business you started does not arouse your interest, the motivational level is not very high and you are not able to keep your interest for long.
* Objectives: “The goals and objectives express stages, something that we plan to achieve; we fulfill our purpose every moment of our lives” (Colin Turner). If you do not define your goals, you feel that you have nothing to strive for and that you have no path to follow.
* Knowledge: “Teamwork is what makes people usually capable of unusual results” (Pat Summitt). An individual cannot move mountains. however, when more people work together, the mountains become small hills, simple challenges, waiting to be overcome.
* Rewards: “The reward of doing well is to have done well” (Ralph Waldo Emerson) Although owning a business means a huge amount of work, however, your motivation level is likely to drop to zero, if you do not make time to forget about the demands of the business, and to offer yourself small rewards, from time to time.
* The exercise: “Physical exercises are my way of meditating” (Kyle MacLachlan) Although it is not so visible, there is a strong connection between mind and body. It is vital to take short breaks every day. If your body suffers, your level of motivation suffers too.
* Organization: “Nothing is too difficult if you share in small steps, what you have to do” (Henry Ford) If you are not organized, it is normal for your business to falter and therefore your motivation level follows.
* Motivational speakers “If you want to hear the song of a bird, do not buy a cage, plant a tree!” (Tom Hanks) The “muscles of the mind” must be worked, so it is important to surround yourself with successful stories, motivational discourses, and people that can help you succeed.

All in all, motivation can be difficult to find, especially in the face of challenges or difficult work. To achieve your dream and to implement a new, but quite a difficult idea, you need to surround yourself with positivity, good deeds and love yourself and others.

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