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 The big decisions are what make history, decisions that drive people to fight to reach their goals, their desires, and stale dreams that long ago were tucked away in a mouldy drawer.  But one day, and this could be the day, the history books suddenly come alive again, with new names, new personalities and new lives.


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And so, in schools, in book stores, into each one’s personal history, come walking silently through the door, as if on their toes, the likes of Rita Levi Montalcini and Margaret Thatcher, with their intelligence and strength, elegantly taking their place next to Eleanor Roosevelt, Mother Theresa of Calcutta and Lady Diana. Living between the past and present they talk, redeeming a past that for women has never been easy.

But who are these women, who over the years have made the role of women in the world something noble, who have changed history? What are their faces like, and the passions, sufferings and sacrifices they carry inside, but yet which shine out through their eyes?

There are so many women who with their works, intelligence or courage, have stood out and who even today are still alive in our memories. For example, Anne Frank, a little girl, growing up in the wrong place at the wrong time; a little woman who had to become a woman earlier than expected, in the midst of bombs, hatred, narrow escapes, murder. And despite a war being waged around her, despite living where the only sound her ears could make out were exploding bombs, Anne fought to stay the little girl she was. She lived striving to keep the beauty of life alive, with her first loves, the surprises, and even the pain. She knew how give herself and above all, to give the world the most beautiful thing she had in the world: her writing. Because of her diary, we have discovered how to hope with her, live with her, cry with her, and smile with her. And so as Women’s Day draws near, what an immense gratitude we should show her, here and now, for having taught us what it means to be a woman, even at 16 years old.


Anne Frank – Photo source: http://goo.gl/qVNE2j

Another woman who is unquestionably worthy of mention on Women’s Day, is Rosa Parks. Who was this woman with such incredible courage? Rosa Louise Parks is a symbol of American activism, who has become famous throughout the world because she took a stand for her civil rights. Her refusal to give up her seat in a bus to a white man in 1955 is an historical landmark, because at that time coloured men and women were required to sit in seats reserved in the back for them. Rosa fought hard for rights to the wash room and for racial equality. She was arrested for civil disobedience and for violating segregation laws. Even so, she bravely continued to fight for her rights.


Rosa Parks – Photo source: http://goo.gl/O0FLoY

And so, to them, and to all the women like them, we want to express, not only on Women’s Day but also on every day of the year, our deepest gratitude for having made our life better, prettier and happier.

And also, to all the women in our life, to the strong and courageous, to the weak, to those who know how to love, to dance, who know how to give. Perhaps now is the moment to thank them all and show they are in our thoughts, by giving them a small sign: a flower, in the tradition of Women’s Day.


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