Customer of the Month for July: An Emotional Greeting

Customer of the Month July title card

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Flowers can communicate lots of complex emotions, especially during sadder occasions. Sometimes when we lose someone unexpectedly we can feel lost for words. If we’re unable to offer our condolences in person to family and friends who are grieving a flower delivery can really make the difference and help express those feelings that can be so hard to put into words. This is why exactly why our Customer of the Month for July chose us.

1. Can you tell us about yourself in a few words?

I’m 58 years and am living in Melbourne, Australia. I love it here. I have retired to care for my sick mother. It isn’t boring, however. I have 3 grandchildren and love spending time with them. We spend a lot of time doing craft work, painting, baking, shopping and just being silly. In my spare time or downtime, I love being creative and do a lot of knitting and crocheting for the kids.

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2. Why did you choose FloraQueen?

I chose FloraQueen online out of the many florist sites that were available, simply because their website is user-friendly, easy to browse and processes orders smoothly.

Choosing an arrangement was a breeze as you can clearly see what the arrangement is composed of, even if you don’t know what the flowers are called. The photography of each bouquet is exquisite. Pricing is also very competitive.

3. Which bouquet did you choose for your last purchase?

I chose Natural Poetry: Lilies and Roses, based on the pure and soft colours for a grieving family who had just lost their mother suddenly at the age of 54. I felt that these flowers would signify her life and the recipients were very pleased with what they deliver.

4. Who did you buy this bouquet for and what was the occasion?

The purchase of this bouquet was for a sad occasion, however, it represented all my feelings. It allowed me to express the feeling of her absence at the time, of heartache and allowed me to express all my emotions despite not being able to attend the funeral or be with the family.

5. What was the reaction of your recipient?

The recipients were so overwhelmed at receiving the flowers and it brought many mixed emotions, joy, tears, connections, bonding and the knowledge that distance doesn’t have to seem vast.

6. Do you usually send flowers to your loved ones?

I love sending flowers as they can brighten anyone’s day and shouldn’t be limited to just special occasions.

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7. Do you usually keep flowers at home?

Flowers brighten up your home and if I can’t pick them from my garden I will buy them for decoration. Especially when I have guests for dinner.

8. Why do you think flowers are the best way to make someone smile?

Flowers are the best way to make someone smile because they are mostly given as a surprise. Their beautiful colours lift your spirits and their scents fill the soul with freshness and put you in a happy mood.

9. What kind of flowers do you like to receive? What do they symbolise for you?

Flowers symbolise so many things but mostly that someone is thoughtful, caring and has you on their mind, someone who has taken some time out just for you.

I love lots of flowers, mostly: roses, lilies, carnations, tulips, gardenia and freesias.

10. What is the one thing you would recommend about FloraQueen over everything else?

Although there are many things I would recommend to anyone about FloraQueen, the one thing that stands high on my list is reliability and that certainly has been fulfilled in my case.

We’d like to thank Mary for telling us all about her experience of sending her delivery and for sharing the personal story of her emotional delivery with us. We’ll be sharing another story from our customers again in August, so be sure to check back to hear all about it.

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