If You Want to Express Feelings of Joy, Warmth, and Beauty, Choose Orange Flowers

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Flowers are a beautiful and subtle mixture of warmth and sweetness and can evoke feelings so intense and complex at the same time. They are also an undeniable form of beauty of Mother Nature. Due to their very wide range of meanings, colors, and scents, they are the best tool to express what your heart may hide as feelings and bring bright colors into your life and in your environment.

Each type of flower has its meaning and each color is associated with the expression of a special feeling. The rose, for example, is the symbol of love, but when it is red, the love that it symbolizes becomes more intense and romantic, because a red rose express passionate love. The color orange is also a warm and vibrant color, which holds an important place in the language of flowers. It expresses very positive feelings such as joy and happiness.

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What are the Health Benefits of Flowers?  

If you are having a stressful time in your life or feeling extremely exhausted and anxious, nature, which is full of secrets and wonders, has one solution to offer: flowers. Those pure visual and olfactory pleasures are able to have a measurable impact on your mood. Recent research is trying to scientifically quantify their immediate and durable effect on both the receiver and the sender.

Behavioral research done in prestigious universities, such as Harvard, has found that flowers have powerful behavioral effects on both men and women with their ability to make people much happier and strengthen their feelings of compassion.  In addition, their effects seem to be very quick to activate cerebral parts of the brain for positive reactions such as honest smiles. The research also shows that it is enough to see flowers to awake these positive emotions and sensations and explain such behavioral effects.

What Does an Orange Flower Mean? 

Orange is a mixture of red and yellow colors. It was very trendy in the 60s and 70s, and the color orange is back in fashion today. Orange has several very positive meanings. In India, it is a sacred color; it represents the purifying fire, the liberation, as well as the balance of the spirit and the senses.  In general, orange is the color of happiness, passion for life, optimism, creativity, vitality, beauty, excitement, enthusiasm, joy, and good mood.

A bouquet containing orange flowers is a sincere wish for happiness. In addition, it embellishes the interior of our homes and offices and gives a smile to whoever sees it. You can give a bouquet made of orange flowers such as calendula or eschscholzia to your chosen one to celebrate an indestructible love or to celebrate a solid friendship. You can definitely bring happiness, joy, and excitement, which can help to reduce their level of stress and improve their daily life.

Some Examples of Orange Flowers 

One example of a famous orange flower, the begonia, climbs and hangs thanks to its crampons on a wall or an arbor. It grows during the summer as beautiful flowers in a form of trumpets, which can be yellow, red or orange.

Similar to the poppy flower, the eschscholzia illuminates the garden with its simple flowers of beautiful orange. It is an asset because it can fill all the gaps within your garden without requiring any specific care. In herbal medicine, it can even help you fall asleep!

The nasturtium is an annual with flowers with five petals cut with a long spur, multiplied in quantities by cultivars. It is very common in many cultures.

Finally, the orange gazania is much appreciated in gardening because it is easy to grow without suffering from extreme exposure to the sun. They have a large bloom and are very colorful, similar to daisies, often with a darker center. 

What are the Best Orange Flowers for Your Garden? 

First, we can talk about the tagetes, also called carnations of India or roses of India. They are flowers that have either a single or double head, with a large range of shades from yellow to orange, even tending to brown. Their scent is not very pleasant but when you plant it in a vegetable patch, they can ward off pests such as nematodes, whiteflies, and thrips. The marigold Tagetes, called “Safari tangerine,” are very lovely.

Second, there is the calendula, or marigold, which means “the one who follows the sun.” It is an annual herbaceous plant native to the Mediterranean, with robust stems. It is a carefree plant and very easy to grow. It expresses creativity and a strong will to succeed or even the beauty and warmth of the rising sun.

Third, there are the fosteriana tulips. Also called ‘Orange Emperor’, these tulips last longer in very light partial shade, rather than in full sun.

Flowers are a beautiful gift from nature that can express whatever your heart hides as deep feelings. They have the ability to embellish your garden, and bring a good mood to your house. Let your orange flowers make happy your friends, family, and visitors with their amazing color and different scents.

Orange flowers can also express your feelings of happiness, passion for life, optimism, creativity, vitality, beauty, and enthusiasm. Also, never forget that a bouquet can be proof of deep affection and sincere attention. You can join it with a special card or a gift; which would amplify its effect of pleasure and remind people how much you care for them.

You can seduce your beloved ones by your perfumed orange thoughts disguised under one of the most beautiful images of nature, in your garden or your bouquet.

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