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Lilies are one of the most iconic and recognizable flowers around. With so many different varieties in so many different colors, it is easy to understand why they are so popular. Lilies are appropriate to use in just about any arrangement. They are commonly used for weddings, funerals, and births. The best way to differentiate what a bouquet represents is through the variety of the flower and the color in which it blooms. Use this article as a guide to help create the perfect bouquet of lilies for any occasion.

In this post we are going to discuss:

* The history of the lily

* Different colors of the lily

* Types of lily

History of the Lily

It is believed that the history of the lily began in 1580 BC. Their story begins in ancient Greek mythology with Zeus and his wife, Hera. It was Zeus’ desire for his son Hercules to be fed from the milk of Hera. Hercules was not born to Hera, so she refused. One night while she slept, Zeus tried to feed Hera’s milk to Hercules. Hera woke while this was taking place and pushed him away. The spilled milk landed on the ground below. Lilies then grew from the spots the milk fell. From this story, lilies represent purity and motherhood.

Lily Meaning Through Color

When it comes to floral bouquets, colors always mean something. This is true for lilies as well. It is important to note color representation in lilies is not the same as other flowers. Before you give someone a flower, make sure you know what it means. Giving flowers is a beautiful gesture, but it would be quite awkward to think you are saying ‘I love you’ but really say ‘my condolences.’ The most common colors are red, orange, white, pink, and yellow. Here are the meanings for each color.

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Yellow – Yellow lilies represent happiness and thankfulness. Sending someone yellow lilies is a great way to show appreciation. In some cases, yellow lilies can also symbolize a desire for pleasure.

White – White lilies are commonly used to celebrate births and motherhood. They represent purity and virtue, so are also sometimes used as a wedding flower.

Red – Fittingly, red lilies represent passion. Red is a vibrant color that dominates in any bouquet. Some brides choose the red lily for their wedding bouquet to symbolize the passion and love felt for their partner.

Pink – Pink lilies mean prosperity and abundance. Stargazer lilies are the most common pink variety. They are great in wedding bouquets or when given as gifts for a special occasion. These special occasions can include well wishes for a new job, a new home, or a significant life change.

Orange – Orange lilies represent pride and wealth. Most commonly, orange lilies are the tiger lily variety. Orange lilies can also represent confidence. Tiger lilies are an excellent gift for someone who is graduating or celebrating some bother life milestone.

Types of Lilies

Just like different colors symbolize different well wishes, different varieties represent various well wishes. While it may seem confusing that lilies have so many meanings, it is actually a good thing. Each person is unique, as are their tastes. With so many types of lilies, you can easily find the perfect flower the intended recipient.

Peruvian Lilies – These are more commonly known as alstroemeria. They are not a true lily but are often referred to as a type of lily. Peruvian lilies come in many different colors and represent friendship and devotion. This type of flower has many blooms on each stem, so it is a great way to add pizzazz to a bouquet.

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White Stargazer – This is one of the most common lilies used for sympathy arrangements. Many funeral bouquets are made up of stargazer lilies. They may also be sent to someone who is going through a tough time in life or is experiencing a different type of loss.

Lilies in Culture

Lilies are used around the world to represent milestones, achievements, and to express condolences. Knowing this can help you send the most appropriate flower at the right time. In a world where our cultures are collaborating more and more, it is good to learn what lilies may mean to different people.

China – Lilies here symbolize good luck. They mean 100 years of love, so they are commonly used in weddings.

Babylon – Lilies here are associated with fertility because they are tied to Ishtar, the Goddess of Fertility.

Christians – Madonna lilies are associated with the Virgin Mary.

2nd Anniversary – Lilies of the Valley are the second-anniversary flower. They may be included in arrangements or given as a plant for the garden. Be warned, lily of the valley is an invasive plant and spreads continuously through the garden if not controlled.

30th Anniversary – When giving for a 30th-anniversary, lily represents devotion and humility. This is entirely appropriate, considering it likely takes these characteristics to reach 30 years of marriage.

Funerals – Lilies for funerals symbolize the soul leaving the physical earth. The soul may then have its innocence restored to move on freely to the afterlife.

Uses of the Lily

Interestingly, lilies are commonly used as natural medicine. These treatments often originate from a time in history when prescription medication was not available. Obviously, it is essential to talk to a doctor before engaging in any treatment.

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Lily of the valley may be used for treating heart failure and other heart problems. It may also be used to treat epilepsy, strokes, and paralysis. Lily bulbs and roots can be made into teas to help reduce fever and relieve stomach issues. Lilies may also be used as topical treatments for skin irritations.

Final Thoughts

The use of lilies to send messages to loved ones is quite common. This is likely due to their striking beauty and the impact they add to any floral arrangement. It is important to note that many lilies are poisonous to cats. They are also quite fragrant, so they may not be appropriate for dinner table arrangements. Other than this, lilies make for an excellent gift and are a great way to send love to those most significant in your life.

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