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Immigration from China to Spain is undoubtedly one of the most talked-about topics in recent years. This has turned many of our traditional shops into Chinese-run businesses, owned by Chinese who are longing for their land and loved ones. It is no wonder that these new Spanish citizens order international flower deliveries to China on certain occasions to feel closer to their families and to prove that they still remember their roots and loved ones. This is possible with FloraQueen’s international flower delivery service to China.

Shanghai is the most densely inhabited city in China and one of the most populated on the entire planet, so it’s not surprising that this is the city that receives most home flower deliveries in China. The truth is that Shanghai has many small street markets where, besides animals, food, clothing and decoration articles, you can also find all kinds of flowers.

Zhumadian is a city with more than eight million inhabitants. Many of the owners of the numerous Chinese bazaars came from Zhumadian years ago to work and send money back to their families. Unsurprisingly, on holidays such as Christmas, these stores do not close their doors – not only because it is not a Chinese holiday, but also because they are reminded that they are far from home and their loved ones. That is why on special days (especially in the Chinese New Year) flowers deliveries to Zhumadian increase, relying on the professionalism and speed of companies like FloraQueen.

Beijing is the capital of this great country. Flowers are of primordial importance in the city and also across China, not only as a means to decorate homes and offices but also as natural remedies, for food and beverages and as decoration for small ponds in private gardens where flowers exist alongside small and colourful fish. The Chinese do not usually show their feelings in public, but display their emotions by sending flowers and hence beautiful gifts to their loved ones in Beijing.

Nanchong is home to four prestigious universities, so it is not surprising that when young people finish secondary school, they choose one of these universities to pursue their studies and train in their chosen profession. It is customary for relatives of these young people to send flowers to Nanchong when it is their birthday or a special occasion.

Although Tai’an is thousands of miles away (to visit, we have to endure a long flight, jet lag and pressure changes), it does not stop FloraQueen from delivering flowers there and from doing so in a timely manner, with the adequate temperature for flowers, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition.

Yueyang, meaning “Sun Mountain”, has more than five million inhabitants. The inhabitants of this great city love receiving bouquets of flowers on special occasions. It is for this reason that they send flowers amongst themselves quite frequently. So if you have a friend or relative in this city, it would make their day to send them a nice bouquet of flowers.

For the international flower delivery service to run smoothly and for deliveries to arrive in perfect condition, we count on the best professional and technical means to ensure the very best of China flowers arrive at your door. This is why the tremendous work carried out by florists like FloraQueen is all the more appreciated.

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