How to pick the perfect flower names for babies

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Choosing a name for your baby is a big decision. A name is usually with us almost from the moment of birth to when die, so the choice of a name is no small consideration. However, here at FloraQueen, as you might expect, we’re big fans of flower names for babies and we’re going to tell you why and how you should choose one for your bundle of joy.

For centuries people have been inspired by nature and have names for babies based on blooms. There are so many popular flowers you can choose from. Perhaps you’ll take inspiration from one of the most popular flower names for a baby or choose a more unusual or original example.

To give a bit more context, let’s take a look at some of our favourite baby names based on flowers. We’ll then explain a few important considerations that you may want to think about before firmly deciding what name you want to choose from the many floral options out there.

First, A few of our favourite flower names for baby girls:

  • Lily
  • Iris
  • Jasmine
  • Rose
  • Violet
  • Holly
  • Poppy
  • Daisy
  • Flora
  • Lavender
  • Begonia
  • Petunia
  • Ivy
  • Heather

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And now, a few flower and plant-inspired names you can choose for boys:

  • William (from Sweet William)
  • Basil
  • Sage
  • Ren (Japanese for Water Lotus)
  • Cedar
  • Jared (Hebrew for Rose)

Our tips for choosing the best flower name for your baby:

Consider the flower’s meaning

Many flowers carry their own meaning. Lily, for example, signifies regality, femininity, innocence and purity amongst other things. Whereas something like jasmine can connote spiritual illumination and friendliness. These are precisely the sentiments that will reflect the beauty, love and bonding that you’ll want your children to experience from the moment of birth.

Do certain flowers have a special significance for you?

As well as their own significance, consider the personal significance that a flower carries for you. Perhaps you and your partner may have a favourite flower that you’d like to name your son or daughter after. Alternatively, maybe you might consider naming your baby after the first flower that your partner gave you on a date or that featured prominently at your wedding.

Another idea is to choose a flower that might be symbolic for either you or your partner’s family or even from the country that your baby will be born in. Little personal touches like this make your choice for a baby’s name all the more meaningful.

When is the baby due?

When the baby is born can be just as significant as the meaning of the flowers you want to choose as inspiration their name. You’ll certainly have a lot more choice with spring babies with flowers like tulips, azaleas, peonies and many more popping up at this time of year. However, don’t worry if you’re giving birth to a winter baby. There are many beautiful blooms from this time of year like amaryllis and heather are beautiful flowers that could be used as a name also.

It’s also worth considering the birth flower of the month, or even the sign of the zodiac that your baby may be born during. These additionally could be another great source of inspiration when thinking about baby names.

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What values do you want to inspire in your child?

It’s clear already that by even thinking of naming your child after a flower or plant, that you are keen to inspire a love of nature. However, there’s a lot more that a floral name could potentially influence when he or she is born.

Do value intuition or innocence? A name like Violet or Calla could reflect just that. Alternatively, if you want a name that suggests the strength of character Gladys (inspired a little by Gladiolus) could be the option to choose. Selecting a name that starts your baby’s life as you mean it to continue could be the perfect gift, that will give them a sense of purpose and an idea of who they are right away.

Consider current trends

If you’re a fan of celebrity and entertainment you may already have a few potential possibilities in mind. Obviously, it’s important not to just follow any and all trends as some celebrity baby names can be a little bizarre and not necessarily trendsetting (Apple Martin anyone?). However, for almost every Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily there is a Blue Ivy Carter, Violet Affleck or Lily-Rose Depp.

Fiction also offers a rich well of possibilities for floral names. Jasmine, for example, became hugely popular after the release of Disney’s Aladdin and still remains so to this day. Alternatively, if you’re a Harry Potter fan the name Lavender might appeal to you. Choosing names from characters you either like or admire gives you the chance to reflect some of the values you love about them upon your little one.

Whichever name you pick, whether flower or otherwise, be sure it’s one that you and your baby will feel happy with. A name in many ways is forever and should always be something we feel content with.

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