Learn Special Yellow Roses Meaning to Send to Your Beloved Ones on Different Occasions

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For many flower lovers, the rose is the queen of flowers. Indeed, its beauty, elegance, and nobility make one of the most beautiful flowers around the world. Undoubtedly, for more than thousands of years, men have chosen it, among many others, to reveal their feelings and express their emotions towards their beloved ones.

Moreover, roses have developed the language of flowers. Each color conveys a unique message to the recipient. However, yellow flowers have a rather ambiguous meaning. Some say that they symbolize divorce, separation, cheating, or a breakup. Nevertheless, others can tell you that they signify joy and happiness.

As you read this, you can expect to learn about the following points:

* History
* What Do the Yellow Roses Symbolize
* Origin of the Yellow Flowers
* What Occasions are Appropriate to Offer Yellow Roses


The yellow rose, less famous in the language of flowers than the red rose, holds a powerful meaning. The yellow rose is a beautiful and radiant flower. Also, it has the color of the sun and symbolizes warmth and light. However, its history dates back many centuries, in which the yellow rose means something different.

It all began when a prophet suspected his favorite wife of being unfaithful. To make sure, he went to ask the advice of the Archangel Gabriel. He advised him to tell his wife, as soon as he returned to the war, to throw the flowers into the river. If the flowers changed color, the betrayal would be confirmed.

Therefore, when the prophet arrived, his wife welcomed him with red roses. However, immediately he asked her to throw them into the river. To his surprise, the red roses turned saffron yellow, confirming his wife’s infidelity. From then on, the yellow rose became the symbol of adultery, betrayal, or break-up.

What Do the Yellow Roses Symbolize

In a romantic relationship, when the partner offers one or more yellow roses to his or her lover, it implies that he or she wants to ask for forgiveness, to confess a fault or that he, or she wants a break-up. The gesture may also mean that the person offering the flowers is in love, but that he or she does not know if the other person’s feelings are mutual. It expresses the uncertainty of emotions.

Regarding its bright color, the yellow rose also evokes joy or friendship. It can be given as a gift to express friendly feelings or to reveal cheerfulness. In addition, yellow roses can beautifully decorate a reception hall. They also promise that the party is going to be entertaining and interesting.

Also, yellow rose bouquets are so lovely! Unfortunately, many people are afraid to buy them. For many years, the yellow rose was considered a symbol of infidelity and cheating.

The legend obviously has many variations, but its meaning remains the same: yellow roses are a sign of betrayal and separation. So, if a man offers yellow roses to a woman, it means that he wants to leave her. This notion has appeared very often in movies and romance novels that they have finally and negatively influenced the thoughts of men and women.

However, make no mistake, according to the language of flowers, the yellow rose has absolutely nothing to do with infidelity or separation. On the contrary, it symbolizes delight, happiness, and good humor.

Indeed, all yellow flowers bring warmth and optimism to a home. Yellow is a golden color that symbolizes sunshine, wealth, admiration, friendship, joy, and positive sentiments in general. They ideally convey a message such as “good luck,” “welcome home,” or “don’t forget me.” The yellow rose is the perfect rose for a close friend or someone who needs a little comfort, as these flowers are sure to brighten anyone’s day.

Origin of the Yellow Flowers

Yellow roses are native to the Middle East. In the 18th century, The Europeans discovered the first yellow roses, and very quickly, they began to be cultivated in Europe, trying to create hybrids between them and European roses.

The 3 flowers used for the crossing with the European roses were:

* Rosa Ecae: It is native to Afghanistan. It is a small shrub with yellow flowers that look like ranunculus.
* Rosa Foetida: This flower is distinguished by its large size and intense yellow pigment.
* Rosa Hemisphaerica: It is native to Southwest Asia, and is characterized not only by its bright yellow color but also by a double flower head.

What Occasions are Appropriate to Offer Yellow Roses

Yellow roses can be given at any event and to anyone. Indeed, it could be your friend, mother, grandmother, co-worker, teacher, or a celebrity because such a bouquet can only bring joy to the receiver, no matter the event. However, we recommend offering yellow roses that are beginning to bloom to young people and flowers that are already in blossom to older people, as they symbolize good health and long life.

You can absolutely offer a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses to your beloved girlfriend to express your admiration and your desire to live happy moments by her side. Moreover, yellow roses are synonyms to kindness and affection. They can also be offered to celebrate births and anniversaries, but also weddings. In fact, you can notice that brides are starting to invite more and more yellow roses in their wedding bouquets because these pretty flowers embody family happiness, prosperity, and well-being.

The queen of yellow flowers is usually offered to couples who have lived a long marital life in harmony and happiness because their meaning symbolizes stability in relationships. In the same way, a husband may offer his wife a bouquet of yellow roses to express his love and joy of living with his beloved.

Also, you can offer yellow flowers on the occasion of academic and professional achievements as they symbolize pride, success, and joy. Therefore, don’t hesitate to provide a beautiful wreath to a freshly graduated student, an employee who has been promoted at work, or a celebrity that you particularly appreciate. Yellow roses are also a great gift to give to a teacher as they signify your admiration and respect. Also, if your family member or friend is ill, bring a lovely bouquet of yellow roses to wish them a speedy recovery. These flowers can surely brighten the room and bring peace to one’s mind.

You may not know it, but yellow roses are an excellent way to manage conflicts and disagreements. They express the desire for reconciliation. Thus, if you want to make peace with someone, choose yellow roses without hesitation! Moreover, yellow roses are very useful in winter as they give the charm of warmth in your interior.

The yellow rose is a perfect flower to celebrate friendship and the joy of life. Its bright color symbolizes comfort and serenity. Remember that you don’t have to wait for special occasions to give a beautiful bouquet to your dear ones. With FloraQueen, you can order a pretty, colorful bouquet of yellow roses to put a smile on anyone’s face. Don’t be afraid to express your feeling; show them how much you care, and you love them with yellow roses!

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