Five of the best songs about flowers

Best songs about flowers

Best songs about flowers

Music and flowers are great partners with both inspiring each other in some ways. Lots of songs have been written about flowers over the years but is it possible to choose 5 of the best? We’re going to attempt to do just that today and to choose the five that we like the most. So, sit back relax and enjoy our top five picks for flower related songs.


5. Life is a flower – Ace of Base

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This song by the Swedish pop group Ace of Base focuses on the preciousness and positivity of life and managed to reach number 5 in the UK singles charts back in 1998. Of course, flowers are used to help the metaphor here with their bright colours, ability to brighten people’s days and help raise a smile. Unfortunately, they didn’t mention the exact flower, but if we had to choose we would probably select a lily as they come in all shapes and sizes and adapt to lots of situations. The lyrics talk also about making the most of today, embracing the moment and appreciating the beauty of life itself. What’s not to like!


4. Forget Me Nots – Patrice Rushen

Forget me nots album cover By Source, Fair use,

Named after the colloquial name for Scorpion grasses (which is certainly not as romantic) the pretty blue wild flowers which sweethearts have given each other for centuries. Patrice Rushen decided to use these flowers as the theme for her 1982 number 2 R&B hit about rekindling old love. It appeared prominently in the Tom Hanks comedy: Big but would later reappear repurposed by Will Smith in 1997 for the theme of the first Men in Black movie.


3. Every Rose has its Thorn – Poison

Every rose has its thorn cover By Internet, Fair use,

Whilst Poison were known for their much heavier metal songs this particular tune slowed things down and dwelled on a more soulful theme. Naturally though, being a Poison song, there were some pretty amazing guitar solos for their fans to enjoy. Roses were the key subject and the way that they are both beautiful and yet dangerous at the same time and was said to be inspired by a personal heartbreak for singer Bret Michaels. It was the band’s only US number 1 hit.


2. Blue Orchid – The White Stripes

White Stripes Album Cover By Source, Fair use,

This song was everywhere in 2005 when it was launched as the first single from the White Stripes album Get Behind Me Satan. With its quite accusatory lyrics, it is said to be about Jack White’s breakup with Renee Zellweger but most people remember it for its bass-heavy guitar riffs which the band is famous for. Named after blue orchids, an exotic looking variety of the elegant flowers this song like the plant is definitely memorable.


1. Kiss from a rose – Seal

Seal Kiss from a Rose Fair use,

Taking some inspiration from Shakespeare, the British singer Seal’s mid-90s smash hit power ballard sold over 8 million records, won a slew of awards and was featured in the credits of Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever. However, the origins of this song are a complete mystery to almost everyone except Seal himself who only commented that there was “some kind of relationship that inspired the lyrics”. The true meaning can only be speculated. In fact, when he first recorded it he was so disappointed with the resulting track that “he threw the tape into the corner”. Luckily he eventually relented and it went on to make him a household name.


So that was our top five pick for songs about flowers. Would these songs feature in your playlist or do you think that you would choose a different top five?

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