Best Places to Find Flower Silhouettes

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Flowers are not just useful for being placed in a garden. While they are good for that purpose, there are other artistic ways that you can use them. Flower silhouettes are great for this because they can be used alone or with other artistic touches.

This is the reason that you see flower designs on things such as clothes, tattoos, etc. It’s all about seeing a silhouette and imagining the possibilities. Once you have that ability, you may even surprise yourself with the many things that you can create.

You do have the option of looking at some flowers for inspiration. Of course, this would require you to draw the silhouettes as well. Why do that, though, when there are tons of royalty-free silhouette images available? This is an outline of five great places to get them. These places include:

  • Alamy
  • Pinterest
  • VectorStock
  • Pexels
  • GetDrawings


Alamy is one of the simplest places to browse for this purpose. You could think of it as a picture search engine. State what you want, and Alamy provides you with whatever art you may deem necessary. While you can create an account, this is not necessary to access the content.

Much of the art that exists in the Alamy library is free to download. Some others require you to place them in your virtual shopping cart and purchase them. Whatever way you decide to go about it, feel free to give a shout out to the art provider.

The art that you can get from Alamy shows a great amount of variation for a single search term. For example, if you wanted a sunflower silhouette, the results would be what you want and more. You can get an outline, a shaded silhouette, or even a full colored one.


If you’ve ever heard of Pinterest before, you know how many things you can find. Finding flower silhouettes is, therefore, a piece of cake.

One of the great things about the options available on Pinterest is that some of them have recommended purposes. How does this help you? Well, imagine that you want to learn to draw a sunflower. It looks like a simple flower, but as soon as you want to draw it, you see the difficulty. You could check Pinterest for a silhouette to help you in this pursuit.

You may do this with the expectation of seeing some random silhouettes. While you may see those, Pinterest providers provide descriptions and tags that help with categorization. Therefore, you may end up seeing tags such as “How to Draw Sunflowers” and “Cartoon Images,” on a single silhouette. This allows you to select a picture that meets your needs best.


Vector Stock refers to images as “vectors” instead of images. These vectors are categorized into two groups, which are free vectors and royalty-free vectors. The free vectors don’t require any kind of payment, while the royalty-free ones do.

While free vectors come without a cost, there are usually limitations imposed on their use. You may think an image is yours upon download, but it depends on the artist. For example, any of the free images may only be used in a personal context. This generally means that you can’t use them on public platforms or for financial gain.

Royalty-free vectors tend to be free from such restrictions. Once you buy the silhouette, it is yours to use however you wish.

There are some very talented artists that upload pieces to VectorStock regularly. Many of these artists have uploaded flower silhouettes that you can use in whatever artistic way you desire.


Pexels is a great place to find amazing photos for free. The previous three entries focused on getting the silhouettes ready-made. However, what if you do have that artistic touch mentioned above? Maybe all you need is a well-taken picture to show what you can do.

You can find such pictures on Pexels, as the photographers seem to be highly gifted. Numerous pictures are uploaded to the site, which are mostly available for free. There are some pictures that require a payment, but you almost never need to use one.

All that most of the uploaders require is that you make a reference to them when you use the pictures publicly. That’s a very fair trade, since it doesn’t hamper your use of the picture.

If you need the inspiration to create a flower silhouette, there aren’t many places that are better than Pexels. Have a happy photo hunt!


The final entry on the list is GetDrawings. As the name suggests, it’s a premier provider of numerous drawn images. Of course, many flower silhouettes are among these images for your enjoyment.

Users of the site are encouraged to use the drawings that are present for their projects. Even design projects are specifically referenced. You do need to pay for the images that you take from GetDrawings, but the reward is worth it.

In fact, GetDrawings has a feature that none of the other entries do. You can use the iStock Editor to tweak photos. This is a web-based picture editor with all the tools you need. You can adjust a picture’s orientation, add text, add filters, resize it for social media, and crop it. If you have an iStock account, you can even upload and edit other pictures you may have. The value speaks for itself here.


While flowers are great for beautifying a garden, they have a heavy influence on other things too. Art is an example of something that uses a lot of flowers. Many such applications in art require a flower silhouette to get started.

While some artists can get inspiration and create their own silhouettes, others are unable to do so. Therefore, these persons are encouraged to go find a silhouette that can fit the required project.

There are many places where one can acquire a silhouette. These include image providers such as Alamy, Pinterest, VectorStock, Pexels, and GetDrawings. Note that Pexels only provides photos, which means you’d need to create your own silhouette.

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