Blue Flowers and Their Uses and Meanings

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Blue is a wonderful color for a flower to be. It can be subtle and delicate, or bright and cheerful. There are many different kinds of flowers that can naturally be blue, and the color blue for a flower is often also thought to have various meanings, depending on the kind of flower and when the flower is given as a gift, if it is. A blue flower is also a wonderful addition to a bouquet or arrangement. This article discusses:

  • Some Different Kinds of Blue Flowers
  • Nice Occasions to Give Blue Flowers as a Gift and Meanings Blue Flowers Can Have
  • Facts About and Famous Depictions of Blue Flowers

Some Different Kinds of Blue Flowers

Hydrangeas are a beloved flower thanks to their pretty and delicate appearance. Many hydrangeas also come in blue. Blue hydrangeas range in the shades they come in, and can be a bright, delicate or dark blue. Powder blue are a very common variety of hydrangea, as the flowers look especially pretty in this shade. Blue hydrangeas are said to represent powerful and sincere love when they are given as a gift, which can make them a great gift idea for a more romantic occasion. Almost on the other end of the spectrum is the delphinium flower. Its name comes from its shape, which is said to resemble a dolphin. These flowers are often a deep and electric blue.

Bellflowers are another pretty and delicate flower that comes in the shade of blue, and bluebells can be found growing wild across the floors of woodlands in the English countryside around springtime. This is a beautiful sight, and the flowers are exceptionally pretty and fill the air with a sweet and delicate fragrance. There are folkloric associations with these flowers as well, as it has been historically believed that they are connected to fairies. Some people refer to bluebells as ‘fairy thimbles,’ and they have been associated both with food and shelter for fairies. While the bluebell is the best-known example of the bell flower, bell flowers can also be found growing in other colors, like pink, white, and purple.

The balloon flower has a striking and bold appearance, and generally grows in a violet-blue color. They are often part of flower arrangements or decorations thanks to their largeness and boldness, which makes them contrast well with other flowers that are more dainty or delicate. Balloon flowers are also a popular choice with gardeners to add to their spring or summer gardens, as they grow relatively well in a variety of different climes and conditions, and do not require too much maintenance. The flowers are originally native to East Asia, but they can now be found all over the world.

Nice Occasions to Give Blue Flowers as a Gift and Meanings Blue Flowers Can Have

When choosing or finding your blue flowers to give, it is worth noting that very few flowers grow naturally blue. Oftentimes, if you find a blue flower at a florist or shop, it has actually been dyed. Therefore, it is good to familiarize yourself with the kinds of flowers that can naturally be blue before you purchase some as a gift. This is of course also relevant if you choose to give a flower plant as a gift!

It is not necessary to wait for occasions like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day to send someone flowers as a gift. You can send somebody flowers to let them know that you are thinking of them and care about them, or to celebrate something that has happened in their life, for example. Blue flowers can carry many different meanings, and they can be a great choice to send someone either to show solidarity for something they are experiencing, or to celebrate something you like about them. It is often said that blue flowers represent calmness and tranquility, so you might like to send someone blue flowers as part of or a whole bouquet if they feel that they are going through a stressful or difficult time, for example.

Blue flowers also represent hope, so it can be a nice idea to send blue flowers to somebody who is embarking on a new path in their life, in order to show them that you are there to encourage them and hope for the best for them. It is also said that blue flowers can represent clarity, which would also make them a thoughtful gift for somebody in such circumstances. Blue flowers can also represent mystery. If you would simply like your gift to somehow have an air of mystery or intrigue to it, then there is no better way than to add a blue flower or blue flowers to keep them guessing!

Facts About and Famous Depictions of Blue Flowers

Their beauty means that they have captivated the minds and hearts of creative people for centuries now. Blue flowers became a central part of Western art during the Romanticism movement, and their icon has remained to this day as a symbol for various emotions and ideals. The origin of the use of blue flowers in art was perhaps the German novel Heinrich von Ofterdingen. In the book, the main character dreams of a blue flower. It is intended in the novel to represent a union between a person’s understanding of themselves as well as nature, the natural world, and the spirit.

Blue flowers have since become a substantial feature of symbolism in art that features aspects or trends from Romanticism. Many authors have mentioned such work as being influential upon them in some way, or they have also used the motif of the blue flower in their own work in order to invoke the powerful symbolism that it carries for so many people. Various intellectual and philosophical movements have also used the blue flower as part of their imagery or symbolism, and blue flowers are still used by artists today to call upon these images or meanings to deepen their work.

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