Game of Thrones: A flower for every character

Jon Snow Flower

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The 7th season of Game of Thrones is underway and even we at FloraQueen couldn’t resist writing an article about it.

Every flower has a specific role in the kingdom of flowers thanks to its unique appearance and characteristics, so we’re going to play a game. What flower would make the best flower to send to one of your favourite Westerosi characters?

Let’s go!



Jon Snow Flowers

This flower blooms in winter and is famed for its tough resistance to the cold, very much like a certain someone portrayed by Kit Harrington. In addition to fighting off the winter frosts, this flower communicates a message of lethal justice for those who break sworn oaths, of standing strong even when others around it falter and having an affinity with wild outsiders. It also knows nothing! It would be perfect for Jon Snow. Who knows? He may even crack a smile for once!



Daenerys flower

The Blue Iris certainly has a few mannerisms that the mother of dragons would approve of. It is a symbol of faith, courage and wisdom. In addition, the number three is heavily associated with the Iris: three petals are upright, three are turned down and three of the buds on the stem have a yellow flame heart. These features are a little like the three ferocious dragons that protect the Breaker of Chains. Unfortunately, unlike the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea this flower is not resistant to fire but despite that, we’re sure Dany would accept it gratefully.

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3. CerSei Lannister – A RED ROSE

cercei flower rose

While Olenna Tyrell may be the Queen of Thorns, the red rose is certainly the Queen of Flowers and is our floral pick for the incumbent ruler of The Seven Kingdoms: Cersei Lannister. As beautiful as it is dangerous, it is a prickly character that is not afraid to hurt you to defend itself and its brood. It also has hidden daggers ready to stab you in the front or back should you try to interfere in its plans. Red is also one of the colours of House Lannister and, of course, blood, of which Cersei certainly has a lot of on her hands by this point. With its strong poise and bold colour, we think if you were to send flowers like this to Cersei, she would be quietly happy to receive them.


4. TYRION LANNISTER – A Lotus Flower

Tyrion Lotus Flower

The Lotus flower symbolizes spiritual growth. Its roots, in fact, develop in damp and marshy waters, but the stem always finds a way to emerge and give birth to an unexpectedly unbroken, although stunted and refined flower. The Lotus is often associated with people who are aware of their strength and who know how to use it to their advantage. While it would probably not approve of his excessive drinking, this is definitely the perfect flower for Tyrion Lannister.


5. SANSA STARK – Lavander

Sansa lavender

Sansa has grown up a lot in the last few years and has blossomed into a smart and much more aware, calculating woman. This is why lavender suits Sansa perfectly because it is the flower of distrust, it adapts to rigid winters and is an antidote against the venom of snakes that hide among its own flowers. Just like the lady of Winterfell, it must be relieved to have survived despite mixing with some of the most irrationally dangerous characters on its journey.

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6. ARYA STARK – White Nerium

Arya flower

With the candid and innocent appearance of oleander flowers, it betrays a lethal soul. She may not seem it but Arya is actually one of the most, if not the most, dangerous of the Stark family members we’ve met so far. Just like the GOT heroine, this flower resists cold winter and also tolerates drought, wind and all weather conditions that test its strength. It is also highly poisonous! Arya may not be a very girly girl but we’re sure that she would be pleased to receive this flower.

We hope that you enjoyed our little experiment and can’t wait to see what happens next in the epic series! Do you think we made the right choices for each of our characters or would you send different flowers to your favourite GOT hero or heroine?

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