Multi-Colored Roses: The Beautiful Rainbow

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Would you like to offer a floral gift, but, at the same time, you want to make it memorable? Well, in this case, the rainbow roses are what you are looking for! Their mix of bright colors surely put a smile on anyone’s face!

If the name sounds somewhat familiar, it is because you might have already heard about them by their other two titles: happy roses or kaleidoscope roses. Either way, their vivid and joyful colors make them the perfect gift for any special occasion or anniversary. The exciting story of these roses unfolds in the following paragraphs, where you can find out more about their origin, meaning, and purpose. Let’s find out more about them:

* Are Multicolored Roses Real
* Where Did Everything Started
* How Are Multi-colored Roses Created
* Do Multi-colored Roses Have A Meaning
* When Should Multi-colored Roses Be Offered

Are Multicolored Roses Real

Unfortunately, the multi-colored rose is not a specific type of rose whose seed can be planted and grown in your garden. Some very passionate online sellers might try to convince potential buyers otherwise, but these roses are just common roses whose petals are artificially colored. To be more specific, several colors, such as pink, blue, yellow, orange, and green, are combined so that each rose becomes a gorgeous kaleidoscope of colors in the end.

Where Did Everything Start

When it comes to the origins of the multi-colored roses, you can trace them back to a flower grower from the Netherlands, Peter van de Werken. Since his sales of single-colored flowers became no longer as successful as it was in the past and he was always struggling, he came up with this whole new idea.

With a background in science, Peter van Werken started to look at the possibility of coloring flowers with natural dye. After several unsuccessful attempts, such as spraying and the water-technique, he finally discovered and perfected the right method six months later. Production of the extravagant kaleidoscope roses began in 2005, and it quickly turned into a successful matter. Therefore, there is no wonder that millions of them have been sold and delivered ever since!

How Are Multicolored Roses Created

Generally speaking, everything starts with a non-colored rose: preferable, the Dutch Vendela rose, either white or cream. Its stem is cut into sections, and each part of it is afterward placed in separate vases. At this moment, a colored dye has already been added to each container. The dye is taken in by the rose petals, while the rose soaks up and drinks the water from the vase. The water slowly evaporates, but the colored dye remains, nonetheless. After 12 to 24 hours, the rose petals turn into colorful petals, and there you have it, your multi-colored rose! Apart from black and white, this method can be used to create any colors. The original happy rose, however, is made with the seven rainbow colors.

At the same time, this technique is not entirely groundbreaking – the best example is the creation of blue roses; this is one of the most beloved and elegantly colored roses. Flowers such as carnations, hydrangeas, orchids, and chrysanthemums have been colored before as well.

Do Multicolored Roses Have A Meaning

Their beautiful, rainbow-colored petals can be associated with happiness, laughter, and positive energy so they can easily become the best option to mark joyful and memorable celebrations such as anniversaries and baby showers. However, it is important to be familiar with each color’s significance before deciding to offer a colored rose as a gift. For instance, the red rose is associated with love and romance, and a light pink colored rose symbolizes affection and admiration. At the same time, values such as purity, faith, and sympathy can be embedded in a white rose.

When Should Multicolored Roses Be Offered

Since multi-colored roses make such a great and joyful gift, the following events are some of the happiest occasions that can be brightened with some rainbow roses:

* Birthdays: Regardless of the age of the anniversary’s star, a bunch of multi-colored roses is a marvelous birthday gift and the most wonderful way to celebrate or congratulate your loved ones.
* Mother‘s Day: Mother’s Day is no ordinary event, that’s for sure! If you want to make your mother feel special and loved, have no fear, you can’t fail with a bouquet of happy roses! You can also add something extra, such as her favorite bottle of champagne or a box of delicious chocolates to make the gift truly unforgettable.
* Anniversaries: Rainbow roses can also turn into a simple but equally beautiful gift that can be offered with the occasion of various anniversaries of either romantic or friendly nature. They are, without any doubt, a unique way to share your good thoughts and endless gratitude.
* New baby: The latest addition to your family or group of friends is an event that can’t possibly be ignored! On the contrary, it can be celebrated by offering a bouquet of kaleidoscope roses – the hospital room would no longer seem so dull and impersonal, and it would bring a huge smile on the new parents’ faces.
* Graduation: Last but not least, you can choose to congratulate the recent and happy graduate by offering a marvelous bouquet of multi-colored roses. It would make such a memorable gift for this joyous occasion and would also go hand in hand with the graduation outfit and the new diploma.

Multi-colored roses are, without any doubt, an enjoyable and memorable gift! The simple rose bouquets or the elegant and classy arrangements are beyond comparison and pale into significance when compared to them. If you are struggling with choosing the perfect bouquet or combination of roses, do not hesitate to contact our team.

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