The Beautiful Contrast Between Black and White Flowers

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People have always been fascinated by the beautiful contrast between black and white. Although many of us tend to associate black with the negative, it is not like that. Black is the color of rebirth and rejuvenation. Black offers a dramatic feeling, a sense of glamour, luxury, and beautiful unusualness. White symbolizes purity, peace, and innocence. How can we combine these two opposite colors to obtain something amazing? This article discusses this topic but in the flower field.

* What does white color symbolize?

* What does black color symbolize?

* Most beautiful white flowers

* Most beautiful black flowers

What Does White Color Symbolize?

As mentioned before, white is the color of purity, innocence, appreciation, and openness. White flowers are among the most used ones for weddings, baby showers, and even funerals.

The purity of white is related to the Virgin Mary; that’s why we see white flowers as a sign of pure love. The Victorians expressed their feelings of love and decorated their homes with white flowers. Also, being linked to Virgin Mary, this color symbolizes faith and connection to Divinity; that’s why white flowers are also can be found at religious events.

White is also a “perfect” color due to its lack of complexity. This color can be linked to the idea of innocence and chastity, that’s why it is used in weddings. This simple yet amazing color is used as a sign of inspiration, as it’s linked to Divinity. This makes white flower bouquets ideal for graduations. We can also decorate new homes with white flowers, as they’re also seen as a sign of perfection and cleanliness.

However, in Asia, white symbolizes death and mourning, that’s why white flowers should not be sent to ill people or at weddings. It could cause confusion or even a real offense. White flowers are only used to send your sincere condolences. The most common white flower is the white rose, also known as the bridal rose, the symbol of pureness.

What Does Black Color Symbolize? 

Black is not so often to see in flowers, that’s why it is associated with mystery, power, and uniqueness. It does not have a negative meaning, despite what many people believe. It’s a sign of rebirth. Black flowers are used to put that surprise element in a garden.

  Black flowers are, surprisingly, not black. They’re carefully bred and the breeders a lot of time to obtain that velvety black color. The closer we look at them, the better we see that it’s not black, it’s actually a very dark purple, red, or brown color.

Black flowers look amazing both alone and combined with other lighter colors, as they have a dramatic look, and they’re very classy. Because they symbolize rebirth, a bouquet of black flowers is perfect for a loved one recovering from an illness, as you’re offering them a ray of hope.

These beautiful black flowers can be grown both in a garden and inside our homes, offering a feeling of glamour. Black flowers also symbolize loyalty and can be offered to our loved ones in beautiful combinations.

 Most Beautiful White Flowers 

The white orchid can be considered as the one of the most beautiful flowers we can have. It has its unique charming beauty and can be the center of attention in any room. They’re considered symbols of purity, openness while offering a sense of luxury, and elegance.

White tulips are loved by anyone. These beautiful flowers bloom in spring, so they symbolize new life, forgiveness, and purity. With a bouquet of white tulips, you can also apologize to someone. The white carnation is a classical beauty flower that’s used at wedding parties due to its purity and uniqueness. It features big, fluffy petals that look like a bridal dress, ideal even for the bride’s floral arrangement.

The classic white rose symbolizes the love of youngsters, as well as purity, innocence, and hope, which is why a lot of brides opt for it at their wedding. You can offer white roses to someone you appreciate and admire.

The white lily is known especially for its amazing scent. It is used in weddings as it symbolizes chastity, purity, and innocence. It attracts the eye due to its big petals. It is not recommended to sleep with these flowers in your bedroom, as their fragrance can be a little too intense.

White calla lily symbolizes beauty and victory, due to its trumpet shape. It is believed to be related to angels; that’s why it is often considered as a sign of faith and purity. They can be used in wedding decorations or even a bride’s floral arrangement.

Most Beautiful Black Flowers 

The black baccara rose has a dramatic touch for every arrangement it features. It symbolizes luxury, glamour, and even a little bit of mystery, which is why it is ideal for ladies who want something unusual, yet distinctive and unique.

The black dahlia, with its dark red color, symbolizes elegance. It works perfectly fine with smaller, light-colored flowers in a beautiful arrangement for someone who likes different gifts.

The hellebore is a rare, beautiful flower with a dark purple color that loves full exposure to the sun. Its appearance gives any place an elegant touch. This flower is considered poisonous; that’s why this fact provides the Hellebore with even more mystery.

The purple calla lily, although it has a deep purple shade, is used in wedding bouquets to add them to a dramatic look. This trumpet-shaped flower looks like satin and gives any arrangement an elegant outcome.

The classic black tulip is unique. Even if you combine it with white or red tulips, the outcome remains impressive. They also pair very well with yellow tulips, due to their contrast. The “queen of the night” blooms only in spring and is not very hard to maintain.

All these black and white flowers have their own uniqueness and meanings, that’s why we can combine them in so many ways, and the outcome can always be spectacular.

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