Why This Colourful Tulip Bouquet is Our Favourite In March

Spring delight tulip bouquet title

It’s March and we’re just on the cusp of spring. To get in the mood for the warmer weather, bright colour and, of course, beautiful flowers that make their appearance at this time of year, we decided to pick a bouquet of the month that reflects that.  With our colourful tulip bouquet: Spring Delight, you can capture all that optimism and warmth that we love about this season.

Let’s get a little bit better acquainted with it.

What this bouquet signifies:

Tulips are perhaps the best flower to represent springtime. They are often known as the harbingers of spring and are deeply connected with this time of year. Spring Delight captures the best of these beautiful flowers with its multicoloured tulips and vivacious shape. It signifies joy, affection and there’s just a hint of optimism that will make anyone receiving it smile.

bright tulip bouquet and candles

What flowers are in this bouquet?

Red Tulips

Red tulips bring a splash of romantic passion to the arrangement. This is quite appropriate as tulips themselves are thought to communicate a perfect form of love. With these beautiful red flowers, this is a bouquet that is perfect for saying “I love you”.

Yellow Tulips

Yellow flowers tend to be a little more subdued in meaning, with less romantic and more friendly overtones. This adds a touch of platonic friendship or familial love to the bouquet.

closeup of tulips

Pink Tulips

Pink tulips are thought to represent confidence, allowing you to add a touch of reassurance or to your gift. In this case, there’s also no doubting that this is a joyful colour flower that just can’t but help someone feel happy.

White Tulips

Beautiful white tulips offer a little purity and serenity to this multicoloured arrangement. However, these exquisite white flowers add some balance and a little contrast to this beautiful selection of blooms.

Why you should give someone this bouquet:

With its bold and bright mix of colours, this is an excellent birthday bouquet for any spring celebrations. It’s also an ideal gift for the many spring festivals like Easter and Mother‘s Day and to add a little natural freshness to someone’s home on any day you want to impress with flowers.

Tulips are a real treat at this time of year and this bouquet just feels that it captures all the warmth and celebration that makes this season magical. Are you a fan of tulips? Let us know in the comments below.

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