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September is a great month. The weather is warm but not too hot. Days are still long. The transition into fall begins. September is the last time you can really take advantage of the beautiful weather. It is a common misconception that there are very few flowers that can be enjoyed come fall. The truth is that the mild temperatures bring about the final flowers of the season. Get the most out of the month by growing fall flowering plants, bringing fall-themed bouquets into the home, or by having a fall season wedding. No matter how you choose to celebrate the season, do so with September flowers.

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Wedding Flowers

One of the first decisions most brides make is choosing their wedding colors. These colors are then reflected in the decor, the bridesmaids’ dresses, and of course, the flowers. September timed wedding colors tend to reflect the beauty of the season. Rich auburns, oranges, and yellows are a common choice for wedding colors. The use of soft pinks and off whites can be an excellent way to create a pleasing color contrast. Many flowers are available in September that fit right into those colors choices. As a bonus, using flowers that are in season can help to reduce costs because they do not need to be specially sourced. Here are a few suggestions for September themed wedding flowers.

Dahlias – Available in just about any color, this round, many petalled flowers make for a beautiful fall bouquet.

Calla Lilies- One of the most traditional wedding flowers, these trumpet-shaped flowers add elegance to any wedding.

Gerbera Daisy – These large round flowers are available in many colors. Gerberas add the feeling of whimsy and joy to a floral arrangement.

Cut Flowers

Bringing a bouquet of fresh flowers into your home is a great way to add new life to your decor. Rotating flower arrangements create a constant change in visual appeal around the house. Plus, shopping for flowers is so much fun! While it may seem like an expensive habit, there are a few ways to save money. Firstly, choose flowers that are in season. The florist usually stocks more of those varieties, making them cheaper to purchase. Secondly, select bouquets that are a little older. Fading bouquets tend to be on sale. Just because a flower doesn’t look, it’s best, doesn’t mean it can’t be revitalized. When you get the bouquet home, run the stems under lukewarm water. Cut the base off the base of the stem on an angle. This helps to get fresh water up into the flower. Then pinch off any spent foliage and flowers. Put the arrangement in a vase, and you may be surprised how quickly the bouquet rebounds. For best results, change the water daily. Here are a few flowers that make for exceptional September bouquets.

Sunflowers – Most varieties produce large, round flowers. These bright yellow or orange flowers are great in a bouquet or are just as beautiful when used in a single stem vase.

Celosia – The flower is available in oranges, reds, deep pinks, and yellows. The shape of the flower depends on the variety. Celosia is a unique looking plant that adds visual interest to any arrangement.

Flowering Perennials

There is nothing quite like walking through a beautiful fall garden. While we tend to think summer is the best time of year for a garden, fall is a close second. Fall colors have a depth and richness that no other season can replicate. September represents the last push for flowers in a garden. Be sure to include fall flowering perennials to really get the most out of your garden. Most years, fall perennial flowers can persist beyond September to extend the length of your growing season. If you find the weather is changing too quickly, try cutting good flowers off of your perennials. Bring them into the house and create a stunning fall bouquet. Here are a few September perennials that are essential for any garden.

Sedum- Sedums are a succulent plant that sport flowers in various shades of pink. Sedums are easy to grow and require almost no maintenance. These flowers really pop in color after the first frost of the season.

Asters – Asters flower is several hues of purple. These are perhaps the most iconic fall flowers and last well past the first frost. In fact, it is likely that the stems still have flowers when the plant is cut back for the season.

Outdoor Annual Arrangements

Annual arrangements are an extremely popular part of outdoor decor. Many times, we think of hanging baskets draped with hundreds of little flowers. Come September, many of these summertime hanging baskets can no longer survive. Thankfully, fall annual arrangements are available to take their place. Fresh season baskets are made up of plants that can withstand the cooler temperatures. Fall arrangements are available at most home improvement and grocery stores. If you are adventurous, try making your own arrangements or adding to your display to really get that fall feeling. Here are a few suggestions for September arrangements.

Fall mums – These are probably the most quintessential all annual. Mums come in purple, red, white, orange, yellow, and pink. Fall mums are great on their own or as part of a larger display.

Pumpkins – Though not a flower, using pumpkins in an annual display is a great way to convey the harvest season. Keep in mind pumpkins aren’t just orange. Look for white and green pumpkins to add some contrast.

Corn stalks – Add height to your September arrangement with dried corn stalks. Be warned, these can be a little messy on windy days, but the impact they add to your arrangement is worth it.

September is the transition between summer and fall. Use the month to revitalize your home with fall-themed decor. September flowers are just as beautiful and exciting as any summer flower, so use them to your advantage. Don’t let winter come too quickly. Go out with a bang and create beautiful fall flower displays.

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