What Are The Perfect Flowers To Pair With Sunflowers?

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When it comes to summer there’s nothing more spectacular than a bouquet of sunflowers. While these sunny yellow harbingers of summertime are fantastic just on their own, there are dozens of flowers to pair with sunflowers to create the perfect bouquet designs.

At this time of year, it’s unsurprising to find sunflowers stealing the show as part of a summer wedding bouquet. These rustic summer bridal arrangements often pair well with other wildflowers or shabby chic designs to give the perfect essence of nature to the big day. However, you’d be surprised just how many other classic cut flowers can add an extra touch of magic to your bouquet of happy sunflowers and just how many different occasions that you can give sunflowers for. Let’s take a look at the options in more detail:


sunflowers and roses in a jug

You can’t go wrong when it comes to roses in a bouquet. Red, pink or even yellow roses, paired among gorgeous sunflowers give an extra touch of class to the usually brazen yellow petals to add an extra loving message into the bargain.


sunflower and gerberas in a bouquet

Though they may look similar to gerbera daisies, sunflowers are actually of the Asteroideae branch of the flower family, while gerberas are Transvaal daisies. There’s no doubting that cheerful gerberas and sunflowers look good together, with both bringing their own unique bright and beautiful colours to the arrangement.


Lilies, roses and sunflowers

White lilies to contrast the bold yellow of bright round sunflowers, adding an extra layer of refinement to the boisterous summer flower. Lilies are considered the flowers of anniversaries and it is not surprising considering the regal bearing and admiration they transmit.

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Sunflowers and red carnations

Bouffant carnations join the party to add an extra touch of celebratory pomp to the sunny joy of the sunflowers. This is the perfect combination to toast the success of someone special.


sunflower and carnation bouquet

Luscious, lavender coloured limonium adds a touch of calm to the bright and beautiful yellow hues of the sunflowers. This serene combination of flowers couldn’t be better if you want to send a get well or a message of support at a difficult time.

There’s no doubting that sunflowers are a versatile flower in a bouquet, being able to be paired with many popular types of flowers in arrangements that can transmit joy, celebration, calm and a lot more. Which combination is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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