What is the Full Spectrum of Gerbera Daisy Colours?

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There’s nothing quite as cheerful as a bouquet of gerberas in the home. When it comes to gerbera daisy colours you certainly have a lot of choice. There’s a complete rainbow of colours to enjoy when you send a bouquet of these beautiful large flowers to someone. 

Gerberas are native to South Africa (as a result, they obviously love full sun if you’re growing them) and are a larger member of the Asteraceae family (sometimes known as the Daisy family), being able to grow as big as 12 cm in diameter. One of the most distinctive qualities of gerberas is their range of different colours, coming in red, pink, yellow, orange, purple and white. Its own distinctive floral rainbow.

Before we start, it’s important to remember that there are some pretenders out there when it comes to gerbera colours. For instance, you’ll never find true blue or green gerberas in a natural cut flower bouquet. Whilst blue, green gerberas can exist, this is normally as a result of artificial colouring.

What is the full range of colours that real gerbera daisies come in?


red gerbera

Like all red flowers, red gerberas are passionate bright and romantic gifts to share with someone special.


orange gerbera

Like fire, orange flowers bring a room alive with positive energy. Orange gerberas are perfect coloured flowers to give if you want to encourage and enliven someone.


yellow gerbera

Sunny bright yellow gerberas are a great choice when you want to add extra cheer to someones day or just send a happy message. Yellow flowers are already an amazing flower to send as a message of love and joy for a friend or close family member and yellow gerberas as certainly no exception to this rule.


Purple gerbera

With their refined dark shades that radiate regality, purple gerberas are among the most elegant coloured cousins of these flowers. With purple being often symbolic of royalty, these gerberas are a great token of affection for someone you admire or look up to.


pink gerbera

There are few things bolder and brighter in colour than a pink gerbera. Like many other pink flowers they are ideal to send a message of elation, congratulations and celebration.



white gerberas

Pure and sincere, white gerberas are an ideal flower for you when you want to send a clear message of affection or a wish of good health or inspiration.

With so much choice available, it’s often better to mix things up and to enjoy the whole spectrum of beautiful gerbera daisy colours on offer with a bouquet combining many different hues. However, if you want to send a clear message to a special someone, using the magic of matching colour gerberas is an ideal choice. Which colour is your favourite?

Send a bouquet of colourful gerberas to someone special today. We deliver to over 100 countries around the globe and with the help of expert local florists send the best quality gerberas. Send flowers that will bring smiles to the most special occasions. 

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