What do Pink Flowers Mean And When to Send Them

Background of pink flowers

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For many people there’s nothing quite as glorious as a stunning bouquet of pink flowers whatever the occasion. However, in our continuing look into the world of floriology you’ll see that the symbology of pink flowers carries its own specific messages. When and why you send beautiful pink roses or lilies can make a big impact.

Pink Flowers In the West

happy couple pink bouquet in Italy

First and foremost, pink flowers are not just for girls. Since Victorian times, when floriology was in its heyday, flowers with pink hues have been seen as a softer way to show your affection, compared to passionate boisterous red roses which were a much more forward expression of love.

Even today, in the early stages of a romantic relationship it is important to consider that pink roses could be misconstrued as friendship and send the wrong message. For sure fire success however, pink flowers do very well as congratulatory gifts as they symbolise joy, happiness and love. That doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t signify romantic love at all, for instance, pink is a very popular colour for bridal bouquets and anniversary presents, but the romantic intention new love isn’t quite as obvious, so be careful.

If you send pink flowers today it’s better to use them to share your elation with a close friend or family member, or anyone with whom you share a deep bond. They are also the perfect colour to congratulate a couple on a new baby, surprise your mum with on Mother’s Day or of course to celebrate a newly married bride and groom with their joyful overtones.

Pink Flowers In the East

Japan cherry blossoms Tokyo

While many of the same meanings of these colour flowers are the same in The East, there are a few subtle differences you might find interesting. Anyone who has been to Japan during the Spring Hanami festival when the air is filled with cherry blossoms will know that eastern countries love pink flowers. In fact it is even said in Buddhist cultures that a pink lotus is the simple of the Buddha himself.

However, be very careful when sending pink chrysanthemums to countries in the Far East as they are still strongly associated with funerals and the afterlife.

It’s clear to see that across the world pink flowers are highly versatile as a gift and can be used to celebrate many different occasions. Fundamentally though, if you want to share joy and happiness with someone special then this is the colour for you!

Remember, different flower colours have widely different meanings. Avoid sending the wrong flowers for the wrong occasion with our special guides on blue, yellow, purple and white flowers.

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