Tiger Lily Meaning: Interesting Facts about the Flower

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The Tiger Lily Flower, also known as Lilium lancifolium, is a bulbous perennial plant that produces large, showy orange flowers with black spots. It is native to Japan and China but is now found in many parts of the world. The plant grows up to 6 feet tall and prefers full sun to partial shade and moist, well-drained soil. Tiger Lily Flowers are often used as ornamental plants in gardens and are popular cut flowers for floral arrangements. However, they should be handled with care as all parts of the plant are toxic to cats.

Do you want to find out more about the tiger lily? This is a very special plant. Its brightly colored flowers, the cultural associations, and all the symbolism associated with it make it a very interesting plant to look into. It’s easy to identify a tiger lily because of its characteristic features. Continue reading to learn more about the tiger lily’s meaning.

In this article, we help you get to know more about the tiger lily:

* Identifying the tiger lily

* The tiger lily meaning

* Myths, superstitions, and cultural associations

Identifying the Tiger Lily

The tiger lily is the common name for the plant Lilium lancifolium (L. tigrinum). It is a species of lily that is indigenous to parts of Asia such as China, Japan, Korea, and the Russian Far East. You can also find it growing in many parts of eastern North America, where it has become naturalized. These lilies are mainly cultivated for ornamental purposes, and their unique features distinguish them from other lilies and other similarly colored flowers. There are actually five species of a tiger lily.

Tiger lilies are orange flowers with black spots on the top side of the petals. The bright orange color and black and orange combination make it a showy and unique flower. As you might have guessed, the tiger lily colors are much like the animal where its name originated from. Tigers are bright and fiery animals with orange and black. The difference is that the animal has black stripes, while the flower has black spots.

Tiger lilies usually bloom very early on in the summer, but you might find some of them blooming in the middle of summer. Before the flower blooms, the petals form the shape of a tube or eggplant. When they eventually bloom, the tiger lily is shaped a little like a star. Some have described its shape as being similar to a Turk’s cap because the ends of the petals curl back to the base of the flower. In total, there are six petals in the flower. The plants grow to be around 4 feet tall, and the flowers produce a very light scent.

Besides their ornamental value, tiger lilies are also used in herbalism and alternative medicine. They are believed to produce remedies that relieve nasal congestion and nausea. Be careful, however, with the pollen because it can be toxic. Lilies can be poisonous, depending on the species. Tiger lilies are generally not poisonous to humans. If you own cats, however, care and caution are required. These plants are toxic to our feline friends and can cause nausea, kidney failure, and even lead death.

When it comes to growing tiger lilies, it should be noted that these plants can carry a number of viral diseases. These can be easily spread to other plant species that you are growing, so care must be taken. One common one is the lily mosaic virus.

To grow tiger lilies, you can use bulbs for easier planting. It is also possible to grow these flowers from their seeds. Experts recommend that you isolate these flowers from your other lilies. Tiger lilies grow very well in wet soils. They are quite easy to grow because of their wild-growing behavior. These herbaceous perennial plants can definitely brighten up your flower garden and be one of your standout attractions.

The Tiger Lily Meaning

Flower meanings are dependent on culture and may take into account certain features of the flower and historical linkages. Lilies are a broad family of flowers that symbolize many different emotions, values, and states. Different lily species represent a variety of things according to their color, shape, and features. The white lily, for example, is associated with purity and is often used as a funeral flower.

Many eastern and western cultures view orange as a color representing energy, balance, and enthusiasm. The tiger lily represents wealth. The reason for this is not clear, but it has been regarded as a symbol of prosperity for ages. One probable reason is the black spots on the flower’s petals. These are said to look like money or coins. Tiger lilies don’t come cheap, either. In the past, giving them as a gift to someone was regarded as very special because of their value.

The bold and vibrant colors of the tiger lily help it to stand out. Besides the native interpretation of the tiger lily meaning, there is also a Victorian interpretation. Besides signifying wealth and affluence, these flowers are also representative of pride. This is not the negative connotation of pride but the positive one. The tiger lily represents confidence and not arrogance or vanity, and this is why the flower was often associated with nobility in times past.

In Buddhism, tiger lilies are symbolic of the virtues of mercy and compassion. While all lilies are associated with a number of goddesses in different religions and mythology, such as Juno, Venus, and Kwan, this particular lily is more often associated with the more aggressive feminine characteristics.

Myths, Superstitious, and Cultural Associations

Many flower species have stories, myths, and superstitions told about them, and the tiger lily is not to be left out. One of the superstitions about these freckled flowers is that if you smell the flower, you too are going to have freckles.

Many types of lilies are associated with protection. The tiger lily also signifies protection against harm.  For people who believe in this superstition, growing this plant in and around their homes is a way to ward off bad spells, ghosts, and all kinds of evil.

Tiger lilies are unique flowers with an outstanding appearance and color. They represent wealth and nobility in many world cultures. Their black spots against their bright orange petals make them stand out. If you want to grow these flowers, you must be very careful if you have a cat or other lilies in your garden. The large lily family contains many special species, and the tiger lily is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and significant ones.

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