Guinness World Records about flowers and plants

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We all love the world of flowers and plants. We love it for its beauty but it also for its irregularity. As you’ll see, sometimes it produces very curious versions of its natural state! Here, we look at a selection of impressive man made world records and a few natural peculiarities. Which of these impresses you the most?

World records

WORLD’S longest carpet of flowers

world record largest flower carpet

The world record for longest carpet of flowers was set in in Kaifeng City, China. The multicoloured carpet measured 2,011m which beat the previous record of 1,916m set in Mexico in 2010.

WORLD’S largest wedding bouquet

The largest wedding bouquet measured just over 60m long and was made up of just the 1,500 flowers including 500 roses, 400 carnations, 60 lilies, 200 daisies and 340 baby breaths. We make very impressive wedding bouquets ourselves, but none which weigh 92kg! The couple had to get the assistance of 79 bridesmaids and 47 groomsmen to help them carry the bouquet!

wORLD’S longest journey walking on flower petals

world record petals

You’d be right in thinking that this is a very bizarre world record! This record was set in Thailand in 2011, when monks went on a 29 day pilgrimage and had their 450km path laid out the whole way in flower petals. Over one million people helped to create the trail for the monks so that there were enough petals for monks to walk on petals throughout the entire journey. Find out more and watch the video here.

WORLD’S heaviest strawberry

world record strawberry

This can’t be a natural strawberry? Surely not? Well, somehow it is! It was grown in Japan and weighs over 250g. The picture shows its relative size next to a coin, so we can see how truly enormous it really is! Eating this strawberry would just feel wrong, like eating a piece of art. Would you eat it or just keep it on show for your friends?

Most Chrysanthemum Blooms on one Plant

Chrysanthemums are a beautiful flower. Even in their usual state they are a wonderful flower to look at and admire. However, I’m sure we all wish that we could have seen the chrysanthemum which broke the world record for having the most blooms on a single stem. There were a staggering 4,351 blooms on this plant, which was grown in Osaka, Japan. The chrysanthemum flower had a height of 4.5 m and a width of 2.2m.


world record plane flowers

In Dubai they have created a full size model of the Emirates A380, measuring over 73m and have surrounded it with over 500,000 real flowers and plants, making it the largest floral installation in history. When in full bloom the model will have a remarkable total stem count of 5 million flowers!



This must be one of my favourite world records of all time. This onion weights a whopping 8.2kg and would should be enough to feed the entire US Army! Although we love this onion, no one could love it more then him. Here is a FloraQueen life tip: find yourself a partner who looks at you in the way that he looks at his onion!

world’s tallest sunflower

world record sunflower

The tallest sunflower on record measured 8.23m high and was grown in Germany. To put this height into perspective, that is over 5 times the height of the average European lady! Of all of the world records, this must be the toughest one to break in the future, it is truly enormous.

world’s first bioluminescent flower

world records glow in the dark

In 1999 Professor Chia Tet Fatt from Singapore succeeded in producing the world’s first successful bioluminescent flowers. These are so beautiful, aren’t they? It seems like they are from another planet! Whilst these are much more common now, this still represents a very impressive world record because without his breakthrough, they may still not exist.

Which of these records will stay in your memory the longest? Have they inspired you to try and break one of these or any other world records yourself? Let us know! 

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