Our guide to giving mum the perfect Mother’s Day

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Your mum has given up a lot to raise you: sleep, a clean home and years of peace and quiet. She even had to put up with those early teenage years when you thought that even the sight of her was the most embarrassing thing in the world! But of course they wouldn’t have considered doing anything else for even a split second. You are their pride and joy! So how do you plan to make this Sunday a perfect day to let them know how grateful you are?

Our guide to the perfect mother’s day: from start to finish 

8:00am – Let mum lie in

She is a non stop lady, always getting up early to get things done for other people. Today is a day just for her, so allow her a chance to get some real rest with a proper lie in.


9:00AM – Breakfast in bed

Give her the perfect start to the day by preparing her a delicious meal, so she can be well fed before she even comes out from under the covers. What is your mum’s favourite breakfast? We would really recommend making her this delicious recipe of eggs benedict from Jamie Oliver. Whether you cook at Jamie’s standard or you struggle to heat up a pizza in the oven without burning it, the saying “it’s the thought that counts” couldn’t be more appropriate!

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11:00AM – Walk in the park

Spring is in air, so finally we don’t have to be trapped indoors at the weekend! Provided the rain stays away, (fingers crossed, it is the UK after all) there is no better way to spend Sunday morning than by having a stroll in the park with your family. After all, the best part of this day for your mum is having all her loved ones in one place trying to make her feel special.

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1:00pm – Present mum with flowers

Mother’s Day isn’t complete without a bouquet of flowers. Once back from the park, carefully place the flowers that you’ve had delivered into a vase and when she walks into the room and sees them on the table she won’t be able to stop smiling. What type of flower is her favourite? You will be sure to find the perfect bouquet for her by taking a look at our Mother’s Day catalogue.


2:00pm – Cook Sunday lunch

Throughout your childhood it was your Mum and Dad who made your dinner every day. Today, it’s your turn! As a British lady, there is nothing other than a roast dinner that will suffice for your Mum on Sunday. Be sure to cook plenty of spuds and Yorkshire puddings. Remember, there are never enough!

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4:00PM – Book mum a pampering session

Take her down to the spa so she can have a well deserved pampering session!

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7:00PM – Play a board game

Your Mum is probably a very calm and generous lady most of the time, but when you start playing a board game it’s suddenly like she’s a different woman. She will look to beat you at any cost and because it’s Mother’s Day you can probably justify going slightly easy on her by letting her win.

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9:00PM – Sit down to a film 

It’s fair to say after treating your Mum to a special day you’re going to be pretty tired, so you probably deserve a sit down! But that doesn’t have to be the end of your special moments with her. Put on her favourite film and maybe if you’re feeling generous bring out some chocolates and cava to end the day in style.


DON’T FORGET! – Give mum a hug

Just to let her know that she’s the most amazing woman in the world!


If for any reason you are unable to be with your Mum this weekend, you need not worry. FloraQueen have got you sorted! Thanks to our flower delivery service, you will still be able to show her that you are thinking of her with one of our beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers, delivered straight to her door.

We are sure that whatever you are planning for Sunday is going to be special, but we hope you have taken some inspiration from this blog. How are you going to spoil her? Tell us in the comments!

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