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Mother’s Day is, without a doubt, one of the most celebrated days in our world today. Every year on a set date, moms are appreciated for their significant impact on humanity. They have indeed worked hard as moms, sometimes taking on the role of fathers in many cases and are also teachers and encouragers. The best we can do is show them love and appreciate them through gifts. The Mother’s Day bouquet is a subtle way of displaying affection for these amazing people in our lives.

To make your work easier, we have a collection of Mother’s Day bouquet choices fitting for the celebration. Whatever be her taste, we at FloraQueen have what she needs. You only need to browse through our catalog and make the right choice. Our delivery service is efficient and fast enough to get your package to the right destination and on time. Our customers all over the world testify to this fact.

In this article, you learn the following:

  • How to place an order for Mother’s Day bouquet
  • The Available Mother’s Day bouquets
  • The best way to send Mother’s Day bouquet

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How to Place an Order for Mother’s Day Bouquet

These are simple steps to take if you wish to place an order from FloraQueen for your Mother’s Day bouquet.

  • Visit our homepage and take time to go through our Mother’s Day bouquet options to make your choice.
  • Select your destination and date for the delivery of the bouquets.
  • There are three categories of the bouquets: classic, premium, and deluxe. They differ in price and size.
  • You personalize your bouquet by choosing one of the add-ons, followed by a personal message for your mom.
  • Please include all the required information of your recipient.

Available Mother’s Day Bouquets

Floral Energy: Mixed Orange Flowers – This gorgeous bouquet stands out as an expression of love and deep fondness. The color mix makes it exceptionally beautiful and fitting for your mom to reciprocate her love. It leaves her with the feeling of being special and cherished. It is an adoration bouquet.

Magical Romance: Roses and Lilies – It is apparent that mother’s love surprises. A gift of this nature reminds her that she has a child who cares so much for her. Get this magical bouquet for her to create a lasting impression in her heart on Mother’s Day.

Love Cocktail: Roses and Lilies – The combination of roses and lilies here is a great thrill. This perfect mélange of colors of pink, red, and white paints a rare picture of warmth. Sharing this gift sends a message of your care and love for your mom on a special day like this.

Innocent Love: Lilies and Roses – Pick this bouquet from our collection to make Mother’s Day memorable for your mom. The sweet-smelling lilies and roses are the best form of a surprise gift. It is time to put a smile on the face of your mom with this great bouquet.

What is the Best Way to Send a Mother’s Day Bouquet?

There have been situations where people bought great bouquets, but they were not delivered in good condition. We have an international flower delivery service that makes our worldwide flower delivery easy and efficient. Place an order today and let our efficient courier service handle the delivery. We guarantee the safe delivery of your bouquet in its natural freshness quickly.


We have a friendly customer care team that is happy and available to answer your questions. We know our clients have questions regarding Mother’s Day bouquets and other logistics that follow. We are here to assist you if you have other questions. Below are a few questions and their answers.

Can I Send a Mother’s Day Bouquet Without the Vase?

The choice is yours. If your budget can accommodate it or your mom wants it, then you can include it. If otherwise, there is no need to order the bouquets with it. The bouquet is unique on its own.

Is There Any Refund if I Cancel My Order?

There is a full refund when you cancel your order within five business days to your delivery date.  We charge an administrative fee of 10 euros if you cancel within two business days to the delivery date. There is no refund if cancellation is less than two business days.

Can I Have My Bouquet Delivered to Germany?

We have the best international flower delivery service. We deliver bouquets to over 100 countries, including Germany. Check the list of all the countries we currently ship to on the international icon on our homepage.

What Do I Do if I Entered a Piece of Incomplete Information?

In a situation where you provide us with incomplete information, we cannot assure you of delivery. We would have to confirm the piece of information and make the adjustment if necessary. It is pertinent to note that this should be done at least two business days to the delivery date, so contact us as quickly as you realize. FloraQueen won’t be at fault if your order is not delivered as a result of this. There is, therefore, no refund to this effect.

Can I Change the Destination and Date of My Order?

Yes, you can. Make use of your Flora Club account to make that change. It is possible to change the address, delivery date, and personal message. It is important to note that this should be done at least two business days to the delivery date. After this, it is impossible to effect any change.


What does it take to make Mother’s Day memorable? A beautiful Mother’s Day bouquet is the answer. Our team of international florists at FloraQueen has made available a collection of Mother’s Day bouquets. Our bouquet collection accommodates everyone with their unique preferences. We have taken time to get the best because we know how much mom’s value and cherish bouquets. A little package of our bouquet is magical, and the effect is better experienced.

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