What is the Best Flower Delivery Service?

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Giving somebody flowers as a gift is a wonderful gesture that brightens their day or occasion in so many different ways. It has never been more convenient to send somebody flowers than it is today, with the many flower delivery services that are available to us. Flowers can be ordered online and shipped to somebody that you would like to send a gift to, without even needing to visit the shop at all! FloraQueen offers an excellent flower delivery service, which makes us a great option if you are looking to get flowers delivered to somebody. This article covers:

How to Find a Flower Delivery Service 

When you are looking for a flower delivery service, the first thing you need to ask yourself is exactly what services you need and what are most suited to you. For example, FloraQueen ships to 100+ different countries, so we are highly likely to cover the country that you are looking to get flowers shipped to. However, there is a chance we don’t! In that case, make sure to find a flower delivery service that delivers to the country that your recipient lives in. Google is a great resource to find such services, or you can also turn to old-fashioned means or methods like looking something up in the White Pages, for example.

You may also like to rely on means like word of mouth to find a flower delivery service. Think about people you know who often send flowers, and then get in touch to ask them if they have any places or services that they can recommend to you. People are unlikely to recommend services or businesses that they do not use themselves or don’t actually like or approve of, which makes this a pretty reliable way of finding a good service to choose and work with.

Make sure the service itself is legitimate by having a look at their website. On FloraQueen, you can see all of the different arrangements and bouquets on offer, for example. There are also many customer reviews and feedback, which demonstrate that FloraQueen offers an excellent and reliable service. Make sure the same can be said for the service you choose, or that they at least have contact details and can be reached easily. You may also like to look into how quickly they are able to deliver the flowers, if it is a last-minute gift or celebration. Customer service can be really important with services like these in case the flowers get lost or something goes wrong with the order, so have a look to make sure they offer customer service and support.

What Services and Features to Look For

Flower delivery services can range from simply sending bouquets and flower arrangements to people to offering a much wider range of other services or products to complement your original gift of flowers. For example, at FloraQueen, there is a VIP service, which makes it possible to send beautiful and elaborate flower arrangements for very special occasions. Some of these also come with accompanying gifts, like chocolates or wine, so you can give somebody the complete package for an occasion like Valentine’s Day, for example. FloraQueen also has a blog, where you can find a wealth of articles on various topics relevant to flowers and special occasions. This may not be a necessity per se, but it can make your experience of using a flower delivery service easier and more complete!

In addition to sending bouquets and arrangements, FloraQueen also has a service where you can send plants instead. These are presented beautifully in a pot, which means the recipient can either choose to keep the plant in the pot or plant them themselves somewhere in the garden. This can be a great option for someone who is a keen gardener, for example, and who welcomes a more hands-on experience with their gift than somebody who prefers for flowers to be more of a decoration in their home. Not all flower delivery services also deliver plants, so if you think this would be the best option for your gift, make sure you look into the service you have chosen. It can be a wonderfully rewarding experience to care for a plant instead of having flowers for a short time.

If you are lacking for inspiration, FloraQueen’s website also offers a ‘Discover’ service, where you can input the occasion and type of flowers you are looking for, and then receive suggestions as to what is the best bouquet for you to purchase. They are date-specific, meaning that you cannot choose something that is not actually available on the dates that it needs to be delivered. It is wise to choose a delivery service that offers something similar, be that on its website or in the form of florists or customer service who can be consulted if you are not entirely sure what you are looking for.

Great Occasions to Make Use of a Flower Delivery Service

There are many different occasions where you can make use of a flower delivery service. It is basically appropriate any time you want to give somebody flowers! All a flower delivery service like FloraQueen does in this context is make it easier and more convenient for you to find and send flowers to somebody that you care about. Valentine’s Day is a great occasion for sending flowers, and they are a classic and wonderful gesture to send on such a romantic day. It is also a great idea to send flowers on Mother’s and Father’s Days, as they can make for a wonderful and thoughtful gift on these occasions. Many of us live far away from our parents, but flower delivery services make it easy to show our parents that we still care for and appreciate them.

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