What to know before you send flowers to Germany

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What traits do you think of when you think of German people? Although there are many words to describe these great people, most people would probably say efficient, punctual and serious. These aren’t qualities that you would think lend to being appreciative of beautiful, yet less practical gifts such as flowers. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! The Germans love flowers arguably more than any other nation. So, if you are looking to send flowers to Germany you had better take care. Want to know more? You will find all you need to know and more in this blog!

what to know before you send flowers to germany

what is the national flower?

send flowers to germany cornflower

In Germany the national flower is the cornflower, a beautiful striking blue flower. This flower became the symbol of the country after the Queen of Prussia hid in fields of the flower whilst fleeing from Napoleon, making it a symbol of the German resiliance and freedom. So if you have a German loved one, then a cornflower is a great flower to send them as on receiving it they will feel a great amount of pride in their nation.

What flowers must you not send? 

send flowers to germany white roses

Whilst in many countries white flowers are sent to signify love, such as a white rose or lily, you should not send these to Germany. So, why when you send flowers to Germany should you not send bouquets of white flowers? Well, in Germany white flowers are associated with expressing condolences and as such are reserved for funerals. Sending a white flower to a German would therefore not hit the right chord unless it was to send your best wishes at a sad time.

Similarly, the chrysanthemum flower is also associated with loss, in whichever colour it may be. Therefore, stay away from bouquets of chrysanthemums when you send flowers to Germany.

which flowers are associated with love? 

for a partner

send flowers to germany edelweiss

As in the rest of the world, the red rose is the flower that is most associated with love. If you have a partner who is living in Germany you definitely can’t go wrong by sending them a bouquet of red roses! We are aware that this isn’t exactly groundbreaking news for you, but its nice to know that the Germans are just like the rest of us on this matter!

Another flower which would recommend sending to your partner in Germany is the edelweiss. Yes, as in the song from the Sound of Music! More than a hundred years ago giving your lover an edelweiss was considered the most romantic act that any man in Germany could do. Why was this? Well, the edelweiss only grows in the mountains and often in remote and dangerous places. Therefore to pick an edelweiss for a partner required a lot of bravery. Men would risk serious injury to ensure that their partner got the flower! Would you do the same?! Although obviously you would no longer be picking the flower yourself, the symbolism is still there and this romantic gesture is sure to fill her with happiness!

for your mother

send flowers to germany lily

We all like to show our mums how much we love them from time to time and the Germans are no different. When you send flowers to Germany for your mum there are a few which we guarantee will go down a treat. However, the bouquet which we would recommend most would be any which features lilies (though not white lilies of course!), the flower which represents maternity. The beauty of this flower shines through and helps mums to know that their child is thinking of them wherever they may be in the world.

Having seen this we hope that you have a better idea of which flowers to send to Germany the next time you make an international flower delivery.

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