Different Flower Compositions Are Available for Same Day Flower Delivery

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Flowers make us happy. They represent feelings that can accurately describe our emotions. Whether you are sad, content, or pleased, you can find a flower for every mood. With these flowers, you never have to explain how you feel because their symbolism says a lot about you.

Each flower has a symbolic value. This is what we call the language of flowers today. From now on, each color of each flower allows you to express your deepest and most affectionate feelings.

Nowadays, offering a beautiful bouquet of roses is an explicit way to reveal your love. At FloraQueen, we help you to deliver beautiful wreaths for your loved ones on the same day.

As you read this, you can learn the following:

* Same-day Flower Delivery with FloraQueen
* The Impact of Flowers on Humans
* A Bit of History
* Three Good Reasons to Deliver Flowers

Same-day Flower Delivery with FloraQueen

Our vast floral catalog covers flower arrangements and creative compositions for all seasons and all occasions. We offer same-day delivery at any time and to the address of your choice. High quality and freshness are our keys for the successful flower delivery. Our local florists are hand-picked for their skills and their knowledge of the floral world. Our flowers are carefully selected according to the seasons, and then assembled by hand by our professional florists. We propose different delivery options abroad. Look no further to amaze your dear ones with a magnificent wreath!

Choose our original sprays, which arrive in a flat box. Our ready-made bouquets come already gathered by our florists and are ready to be placed in your favorite vase. You also can add a little extra with your wreaths, such as a box of chocolates or a ‘Happy Birthday’ cookie. Whether it’s the beautiful bouquets or plants, we guarantee you a great delivery experience by our professionals. We strive to meet deadlines and work in a friendly environment all year round. Also, our local florists are always attentive to your needs and warmly welcome you. Our wreaths are available to everyone at a reasonable price, and their freshness is original.

To make sure your flowers arrive on time, consider the following:

Enter the name and surname of the recipient correctly. You have to provide as many details as possible in the delivery instructions: recipient’s telephone number, door code, building number, floor, door number, etc. Don’t forget, if you are afraid that the person is not at home, we can also deliver to his or her workplace. You can also leave instructions with the delivery person (leave with the concierge, the neighbor, or drop the package in a safe place of your choice, for example).

The Impact of Flowers on Humans

Offering a bouquet is both conventional and always charming. The flower conveys a delicate intention, catches the eye, and brings joy. We know this from experience, but we don’t continually assess the extent of such effects. In recent years, experiments have been conducted in laboratories and in real life to understand the impact of flowers on our behavior, thoughts, and moods.

According to American psychologist Jeannette Haviland-Jones of New Jersey State University, the cultivation of flowers and ornamental plants began more than 5,000 years ago when there appeared to be no personal or economic interest in adopting this time-consuming and challenging behavior. Does this mean that through ornamental flowers and plants, man has sought to give his environment a positive aesthetic and emotional function? Scientific research today shows that flowers and plants influence our mood and behavior and that they should be given a more prominent place.

A Bit of History

Today with FloraQueen, you can have flowers delivered all over the world. However, you can find this long-standing tradition in Antiquity, especially among the Romans for whom the goddess Flora was the goddess of the harvest, spring, and all good hopes. At that time, offering flowers to someone, or merely evoking the goddess Flora, was like a promise to guarantee beautiful things and a bright future to the recipient.

Although this practice did not last very long in the Middle Ages, it came back from the 18th century onwards. A secular tradition among the Ottomans was to offer roses or rose water to guests as a guarantee of a good meal and good luck for the future. In the Ottoman times, offering a rose or a tulip had a very different meaning, and each flower had its symbolism.

Three Good Reasons to Deliver Flowers

Stop waiting for special occasions to give flowers to your loved ones and do it more often. The importance of flowers is much more powerful than we think, and roses, daffodils, and other camellias could help us fight our daily stress. Today, it’s been scientifically proven that wreaths are best for your health!

* Flowers make men more attractive.

According to a study by social psychology researcher Nicolas Guégen, the presence of flowers in a room improves a woman’s perception of a man during a first meeting. Single female students invited to interact with a young man in a room with three large bouquets found him more attractive than those who met him in a room without flowers!

* They make us more sociable.

According to research from the Department of Psychology at the University of New Jersey, receiving flowers promotes interaction with other people, even if they are strangers.
The researchers conducted a social experiment by offering either a bouquet or a pen to strange people in the elevator. They found that those who received the flowers were more likely to engage in conversation with strangers around them.

* They soothe us

According to studies by Professor Liu Mingwang, the simple fact of seeing flowers is enough to cause positive physiological effects and improve our performance. Giving yourself flowers to reduce stress does not require considerable effort to produce a significant impact. When your life seems to be in a constant state of rage, flowers can provide us with a much-needed moment of calm.
There’s nothing more satisfying than a variety of sweetly fragrant beautiful flowers in your living room or on your desk. Also, a bouquet can decorate your home and brighten up a room.

At FloraQueen, flowers can bring a touch of happiness to your everyday life! Several characteristics of bright wreaths play a beneficial role in our psychological state, such as their colors, their general appearance, their scent, etc. We are delighted to provide you with decorative items for the interior of your home to bring softness and warmth to the hearts of your loved ones.

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