Sunflower Bouquet Delivery: The Many Benefits

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Whether you want to send a cheerful gift to brighten someone’s day or want it for a birthday party, sunflower bouquet delivery is an excellent choice. There are a variety of ways to order, and you are going to make the process much easier for yourself. Of course, any type of flower arrangement makes a great gift. Still, sunflowers have many exciting benefits.

In this article, we are going to help you learn:

* Facts about sunflowers
* Reasons to send a sunflower bouquet
* The best way to order a bouquet for delivery
* How to take care of a sunflower bouquet

Facts about Sunflowers

Of course, many people like sunflowers for the snacks they bring, their oil, and much more. Still, there are a variety of facts that you may not know about sunflowers. This can help in your decision to choose them as your bouquet of choice.

These cheerful plants did not originate in Europe. They’ve always been native to America and have been used as dye, medicine, food, and oil. After that, they got exported to other parts of the world.

In fact, they made an appearance in Russia early on because Tsar Peter the Great became fascinated with them. Another reason they were popular in the country was that the oil produced by the sunflower seed wasn’t banned during the religious holiday, Lent. Many other oils could not be consumed during this time of reverence to the Lord.

The name, sunflower, is perfect for this flower because it needs a lot of sunshine and room to grow. They also look like the big sphere up in the sky, which is another reason for their name. In fact, sunflowers require up to eight hours of sunlight a day, and more is best. They grow exceptionally tall, as well – up to 16 feet. However, other varieties have been trained to grow at various heights.

Reasons to Send a Sunflower Bouquet

If you are looking for a gift for a loved one, sunflower bouquet delivery is ideal. However, you may not know much about the flower or why it’s so popular. Many people like sunflowers because of their yellow, cheery, bright color. It’s simply impossible to be in a bad mood when you see something that looks so happy.

These blooms are often inexpensive. Plus, they grow during the summertime. Usually, they can be produced and picked until the early fall months. You can find them in the winter and spring, but be prepared to spend a little extra to add them to your arrangement.

Plus, you can use a floral arrangement with sunflowers as something sophisticated, fun, cheery, or bright. Depending on the other flowers that you use, it can meet a variety of needs. For example, to make it more sophisticated, consider using different flowers of various yellow shades. These can include chrysanthemums, carnations, and daisies. Pink and red flowers can add richness and boldness, as well as add a touch of contrast.

The Best Way to Order a Bouquet for Delivery

If you’ve decided to consider sunflower bouquet delivery for a loved one or friend, the easiest way to order it is to go online to your favorite local florist. In most cases, you can search for floral arrangements by type of flower, type of occasion, and so much more.

Just put in that you want to see sunflower arrangements, and you are going to be shown those first. You can scroll through the many options until you find one that meets your budget and preferences. It’s also possible to add other gifts, write a card, and much more.

When you’re ready to check out, you add the bouquet you like best and go to the online cart. You are going to be asked simple questions, such as your name and address, as well as that of the recipient. You can choose to have the bouquet delivered to their work or home.

It’s also possible to put a short greeting on a card, which the florist can write for you. That way, you personalize the gift a bit more. Now, you have to decide when you want sunflower bouquet delivery. Sometimes, same-day deliveries are possible, though this isn’t available all the time.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to plan your gift-giving a few days in advance. That way, you have the time you need, and the flowers can be sent to the recipient on their special day.

How to Take Care of a Sunflower Bouquet

Sometimes, you may find yourself getting a sunflower bouquet delivery. It’s important to take care of them so that they live longer.

Make sure you know where they are going to sit at the waterline and remove extra leaves below that area. Also, cut a few centimeters off their stems so that the sunflower drinks plenty of water.

You can buy special cut-flower food or use a teaspoon of sugar in the water. This helps to keep them alive and growing for a bit longer. When you change the water, which should be every couple of days, make sure it’s room temperature. That way, you don’t shock the sunflower and cause it to stop growing.

Even though their name suggests they love it, keep cut sunflowers out of the sun. They do need light, but they are going to use up too much energy trying to chase the sunshine and could die faster once cut.

It’s also a good idea to keep sunflowers away from excessively cold and hot air. Extreme temperature changes can shock the flower’s system and cause them to start dying sooner. Just remember, these flowers have been cut, so they aren’t going to last forever. Also, it isn’t possible to replant them.

If this is something you’re concerned about when giving flowers as gifts, you might be able to find sunflower planters. They are often dwarfed so that they don’t grow too high and can be a living reminder of your gift to the recipient. Regardless, there are many reasons to love sunflowers and have them delivered to your loved ones.

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