A Quick Guide on How to Send Flowers Internationally

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Want to surprise someone with flowers but don’t quite know how to do so? Do you live in one country, while your parents or family live in another? Don’t miss out on another holiday, birthday, or maybe graduation thanks to international floral deliveries. For some, it may seem daunting or complicated. Still, the truth is, anyone can send flowers internationally, it is quite easy to do, not to mention convenient.

  In this post, we are going to discuss:

* Sending flowers internationally

* Do’s and Don’ts of floral delivery

* Popular flowers to send

Sending Flowers Internationally

When it comes to sending flowers internationally, there are a few things that you need to have that is going to ensure your flowers get to their destination.

To send flowers internationally, you are going to need:

* Name – When you place your order, the florist is going to ask who the flowers are for. This is why you are going to need to know the persons’ name.

* Address – Are you surprising your partner at work? Maybe, you are surprising them at home or at a restaurant, wherever you may think of sending flowers, remember to have the address. If you are sending it somewhere other than the house, make sure you confirm the address and that there is a point of contact, should the driver or the florist have issues.

* Card or message – Unless you are looking to surprise the recipient, consider adding a card or a message with your flowers. Depending on some floral companies, they can include a card as well as a box of chocolate or a bottle of wine.

When it comes to sending flowers internationally, however, basing your floral choice on the country to which you are shipping them to is an excellent option for ensuring the freshness of the flowers.

Do’s and Don’ts of Floral Delivery

New to international floral delivery? Here are some quick tips on do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.


* Send flowers – everyone likes to receive a sweet surprise, especially the floral surprise kind of type.

* Check ratings – when planning on sending flowers internationally, check the ratings and feedback of the company you are planning to use. The last thing you want to deal with is a floral company that has horrible service, or cannot meet your expectations.

* Deliver to your destination – FloraQueen is one company that delivers to over 100 cities. Make sure that you go with an international floral delivery company that can deliver to your city but that your flowers are also available. An excellent international flower delivery company is not going to have a limited selection of flowers. Still, instead they are going to have a large selection of flowers to pick from.

* Have all the information – make sure to have the recipient’s name, address, phone number, and email. The more information you provide to the floral company, the better chance that there aren’t going to be any issues when they deliver your surprise.


* Wait for last-minute deliveries – while some floral companies such as FloraQueen can offer last-minute floral deliveries, some may not. As soon as you remember a special occasion, make sure you inquire with the floral company if they are going to be able to meet your requests.

* Overthink sending flowers – flowers are a grand gesture and act of kindness, therefore, don’t overthink it. Whatever your budget, remember your recipient is going to appreciate the thought of the flowers.

* Cheap out – flowers can get pricey, but if you are going to send a beautiful bouquet, don’t skimp out on adding a vase to your flowers. If you are going to commit to sending flowers internationally, you might as well do it right!

Popular Flowers to Send

Whatever the occasion, whether it be a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or sympathy flowers, here are popular flowers that florists see as being major best-sellers.

Orchids – Show someone how special they are to you with the exotic and elegant orchid. Choose to send this flower on its own or as part of a larger floral bouquet.

Carnations – The carnation is one flower that can come in pretty much any color. From pink, red, yellow, white, blue, and even multicolored, the carnation is a simple flower that can brighten someone’s day.

Roses – Traveling for work and missing Valentine’s Day or your anniversary? Surprise your plus-one with a dozen red roses. Roses are a popular flower that is commonly associated with love and romance. You can pick from red, white, and pink roses.

Tulips – Are you missing your family? Send them some tulips, which symbolize and represent the “memory” of the person. What better way to say you are thinking of them, even miles apart than with tulips?

Sunflowers – These flowers are known to spread positivity and happiness due to its bright yellow petals. This is an ideal flower to send someone who is recovering, sick, or maybe needing a bit of a pick-me-up. Sunflowers can be great either as their own bouquet or part of a floral arrangement.

Looking for more floral options? Visit your local florist or visit the online floral shop and see what floral arrangement they have. Make sure to double-check that they have the flowers you want to send and where you want to have them delivered.

Pick, Click, and Deliver

Once you have decided on your floral arrangement or even the fact that you want to send flowers to someone, the thought can be stressful for some. Don’t be stressed, and don’t be overwhelmed. Sending flowers internationally is as easy and straightforward as online shopping on Amazon.

Remember, it does not matter how much you spend or how big the floral arrangement is. What is going to matter for the recipient is that you thought of them and that you took the time to surprise them with flowers. Whatever the holiday, special occasion, or “just because moment” remember that you can form the comfort of your home and office, you can send flowers to your loved ones.

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