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Have a family member or friend that isn’t doing too well? Maybe they had to go in for an operation or recovering at the hospital. Why not brighten their day with a floral arrangement? Don’t just send flowers that are pretty, send flowers that are meaningful and sure to touch their hearts. At FloraQueen, we offer an array of floral bouquets that are sure to encourage a speedy recovery. Whether it’s a same-day or next-day delivery, FloraQueen has you covered with our get well soon flowers. 

In this article, we cover: 

  • The perfect get well soon flower
  • How to place an order
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  • Delivery options with FloraQueen for your get well soon flowers

The Best Get Well Soon Flower Choices 

Nothing brightens up a hospital or recovery room quite like an arrangement of carefully selected flowers. Selecting the right get well soon flowers can seem challenging, as you don’t want to pick the wrong ones to send. Enter FloraQueen; we share some of the best get well soon flower options that are sure to put a smile on their face, show you care, and hopefully lead to a speedy recovery. 


Simple and long-lasting, carnations are a popular floral choice for those get well soon bouquets. Carnations also represent love, which makes them even more special should you be looking to send flowers to a family member or spouse. Show you care with red carnations


Gerberas come in an array of colors that are bright and positive. Sending these flowers is sure to lift their spirits and make them forget they were on the path to recovery from their injuries. Thanks to their bright colors and size, they represent positivity and hope. They also represent cheerfulness. 


This sweet-smelling flower is an excellent choice for your parents or grandparent. They are sophisticated and elegant. The lily is also a very eye-catching flower because it offers such a bold blooming appearance. You can include lilies as part of an existing floral arrangement or on its own.


Commonly given as a flower to show one’s love, roses, especially yellow or pink ones, make a great choice to show you care and wish for a speedy recovery. The rose is a flower that speaks volumes and is an ideal flower to give a spouse or someone special in your life who is not doing well. 

When Should You Send Get Well Soon Flowers?

It can be hard determining when to send get well soon flowers. Do you send it when they are in the hospital? After? Do you send flowers when they are sick with the common cold? There are many questions you may be asking yourself when it comes to sending get well soon flowers. One thing to keep in mind is that there never is a wrong time to send these kinds of flowers. The timing is always right because it shows you care and are concerned. 

What Should I Do First When Sending Get Well Soon Flowers? 

You may think sending flowers internationally to a sick friend or family member would be complicated; however, with FloraQueen, it is quite easy. The process is straightforward and easy to do. No matter where you are in the world or what you are doing – check out our website, place your order, and let us take care of the rest. 

When it comes to placing a get well soon order, you have to do the following: 

Follow these simple steps, and your flowers are one step closer to motivating a speedy recovery

How Do I Place an Order? 

We offer a secure online ordering form through our website. This allows you to place your order and make a payment online. 

Unfortunately, at FloraQueen, we do not accept email or telephone orders. If you have any questions during the ordering process or encounter any issues, you can complete a form with your contact information, and a representative is sure to respond as soon as possible. 

Does My Order Include the Vase?

Vases are not included with the floral arrangement unless it is specified in the description. Customers have the choice of adding the vase or another form of container that can be used to deliver the flowers. These vases are extra, and depending on the model and size, they can vary in price.

When it comes to sending get well soon flowers, it may be wise to check what the restrictions are, or if there are any at the hospital. Some hospitals may not allow flowers in vases, or some may not accept them at all. It is best to inquire with the hospital to see what the policies are on get well soon flowers and if there are restrictions or not. 

Can I Add Extra Stuff to My Flowers?

On top of having the option to add a vase to your floral order, you can choose to include a card, box of chocolates, or a stuffed animal. Did you know that sometimes adding that stuffed animal to your get well soon flowers can add that special and personal touch? It can get lonely at the hospital, why not give them a teddy bear for the company? 

What Are the Cut-offs for Get Well Soon Flowers?

In situations where there is a need for last-minute or rushed deliveries, there is an additional fee incurred. This fee can be viewed at the final stage of processing and confirming the floral order. To avoid any surcharges, we encourage our clients to place their floral orders a minimum of 24 hours before the expected date. 

Get well soon flower deliveries vary from city to city, so we encourage you to contact a local FloraQueen representative to see how much advance notice is required for get well soon flowers. 

Why Shop FloraQueen as Your Get Well Soon Flower Delivery?

FloraQueen has been an international floral delivery company for over 10 years and has near five-star reviews. We understand that many things in life can be complicated and complex, which is why we try to simplify the ordering process. Our website offers a secure online order form and payment portal. Not only is our website easy to use, but we offer many exclusive offers that make purchasing flowers a budget-friendly experience. From our FloraClub to our daily and weekly flower coupon codes, there is something for everyone. 

Still unsure if we are the best online flower delivery? Visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter to receive a unique promotional code that can be put towards your first order. See first-hand why we are your international flower go-to delivery provider! 

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