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A rose bouquet is a collection of rose flowers pieced together and formed to make a decorative shape. A bouquet of roses can be arranged in different shapes and with different styles to fit a purpose. Other than roses, it can include other types of flowers of different colors, depending on what occasion the bouquet is meant for. In this article, we have provided every necessary bit of information about a bouquet of roses, so you can learn:

  • About the events roses are most suitable for
  • About the best flowers to supplement a bouquet of roses
  • About the meanings of some bouquet of roses
  • Where to get a bouquet of roses… and so much more.

Bouquet of Roses for All Events

Roses are a nature-given gift, and they come in numerous colors such as white, pink, violet, peach, yellow, and a whole lot more. They help to uplift our mood and help us share happy moments with our friends and family. The importance of roses dates back to many centuries ago: admirers sent them to propose love and give feedback, and kings decorated their palaces with them and used them as a sign of love and unity between kingdoms.

In the world of today, roses can be seen in our homes, on office tables, at events, and just about anywhere you go; given this, over the years, many florists have devised various means to collect different colors and species of roses to make bouquets of roses. Roses, being a sign of love, unity, purity, and empathy, are used for many occasions, some which are:


Roses, be it the white, red, or peach ones, are a significant part of any wedding, and a bouquet of roses made for a wedding must be special in every possible way. Hence, a rose bouquet for a wedding can be placed around pink roses and supplemented with a touch of white roses or white chrysanthemum circled around the edges and with a bit of greenery; all this must be arranged properly for easy handling by the bride or bridesmaids.  The Tussie-Mussie is a perfect example of a wedding bouquet decorated with roses.


Birthday bouquet of roses is made to make someone special on their birthday. Even if a person wouldn’t admit it, they secretly love to be shown some care on their birthday. Given that certain colors of roses convey various meanings, a bouquet of roses meant for a birthday can be arranged keeping in mind the colors that denote each month of the year. For example, a birthday rose bouquet can be made from roses with violet color, as well as few other colors, for a person birthed in the month of February.


Certainly, nobody likes the sound or thought of death, but either way, people die every day, and this can be a really tough moment for people when they lose a loved one. For this reason, rose bouquets for funerals are made with a touch of simplicity by using white roses. White roses symbolize tranquility, which is very much what the family of a deceased need at the time.

Roses can blend in well with any occasion, being a type of flowers that promote peace, love, and unity between you and your friends and family.

Additionally, roses can be used to make bouquets to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and several other events or occasions.

The Best Flowers Used Alongside Roses

With the number of flowers to choose from, why not supplement a bouquet of roses with other flowers to make it more decorative and make the message they pass more powerful?

Other flowers that you can be included in a bouquet of roses are:


Also known as the African daises, the gerberas are a special type of flower and are rated the fifth most popular flowers in the world. They symbolize purity, innocence, and cheerfulness. They come in different vibrant colors and can be included in a rose bouquet meant to celebrate Easter or other religious occasions.


With brightly colored ornamental flowers, chrysanthemums are a beauty to behold. Varyingly, in some parts of Europe such as Italy, Spain, and Germany, chrysanthemums symbolize death and are used to pay last respects to the deceased at a funeral. Contrastingly, in some parts of Asia and the world at large, Chrysanthemums are used to symbolize optimism and joy. With that said, the white chrysanthemum can blend well with red or pink roses to symbolize love and unity.


Tulips are spring-blooming perennial flowers. they are available in pink, red, orange, and white colors; the red ones symbolize love while the pink ones symbolize appreciation. A thank-you bouquet can be made with a combination of red and pink tulips, along with white roses, to thank someone dearly for something.

There are several other types of flowers that can be included in a bouquet of roses; other worthy mentions are:

  • Poinsettias
  • Callas
  • Lilies
  • Amaryllis
  • Daffodils… and a host of others.

Where Can You Get a Bouquet of roses?

You can source for bouquets of roses from several stores worldwide, but if you aren’t adept with choosing flowers and don’t want to go through much hassles, you can get your preferred rose flowers from an international florist like FloraQueen. FloraQueen can make arrangements for a bouquet of roses and send it to wherever you are in the world. Alternatively, you can even request FloraQueen to deliver a bouquet of roses to someone you hold dearly on their birthday, wedding, anniversary, or other special occasions. All you have to do is to provide their address, city, and telephone number so that FloraQueen can locate them and deliver the roses to them.

From red roses to white roses, pink roses, etc., bouquets of roses are made from the combination of various colors of roses and other decorative flowers. Some of the best-selling bouquets of roses on FloraQueen are:


Rose bouquets are a reminder of how much we care about our loved ones. You can send some of the rose bouquets listed here to your friends and family on memorable occasions to spread the love and unity roses convey. Check out the bouquets listed here and send them to your friends and family.

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