What Do White Roses Mean and Symbolize?

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Roses are beautiful flowers that are used for many different occasions. One of the reasons for their versatility is the fact that they come in so many colors. Apart from allowing for uniqueness, each of these colors symbolizes something special.

While you are free to give someone whatever rose you want, paying attention to the color is recommended. Choosing the right rose color for the right occasion can go a long way in making the gift extra special.

Think of it in the same manner you think of poetry. Would you read a poem about death and despair to your romantic interest for Valentine’s day? Of course not! It would be highly inappropriate.

This article focuses on white roses and what they mean. You can expect to learn the following about these unique roses:

Basic Meaning

When many people look at a white rose, all they see is just another flower. Are you one of these persons? If you are, it’s time to have your perspective shifted. While you would be correct for thinking nothing of the rose millennia ago, times are now different.

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, humans couldn’t help but attach symbolism to flowers. The meaning of the white rose comes from both its shape and the aesthetic provided by its petals.

There’s a reason that today’s weddings seem to be missing something whenever these roses don’t make an appearance. This is because these flowers are known to symbolize love, innocence, and peace. Since a wedding is a brand-new union that is based on love, these roses are incredibly appropriate. There is an air of tranquility and purity that white roses bring to the environment. Therefore, their popularity never diminishes.

Symbolic History 

Can you guess how long white roses have been on earth? If you guessed anything less than 35 million years old, you’re very far off. As far as symbolism goes, ancient Roman and Greek cultures were enchanted by them. This led to the inclusion of white roses in much of the literature produced by these two cultures. Even the Korans joined in the fray, as they believed that the white rose was a symbol of paradise.

Though there were subtle differences, each culture viewed the white rose similarly. This is the reason for their inclusion in so many works of art. Be that as it may, there is much additional symbolism associated with this flower.

At weddings, the roses were always associated with feelings like love and purity. However, receiving a white rose was an indicator of trust. It was also said that cutting them represented a new beginning.

Gifting a White Rose

You may feel inclined to gift someone a white rose for many reasons. As stated above, they can be used to indicate an established level of trust between two people. Of course, they make great cut flowers too, because of their natural beauty.

Even in Victorian times, white roses were commonly used as gifts. They would usually be given to friends and lovers. The idea of this was to symbolize a level of peace, love, and an unbreakable bond.

Since everyone knew what they meant, they were usually well-received. It says a lot to know that someone thinks of you in such an amazing light. These roses make great gifts because they provide a beautiful avenue for expression. How much do you really need to say to someone while handing the person a rose? Of course, the underlying themes of purity and passion just enhance the gift-giving experience.

Flower History 

Now, you may be wondering why you’re reading about the flower’s history again. While the symbolic history was covered above, this section looks at the existential history. There is a distinct background associated with these magnificent flowers.

Fossils indicate that the rose is over 35 million years old. Be that as it may, it’s hard to trace the rose past 4,750 years ago. At this time, white roses were being created in China. This was done because roses had seen immense popularity in the Middle East and Asia.

At the time, their use was for confetti. They would be thrown over congregations of people to celebrate successful happenings.

Apart from this decorative purpose, the roses were also crushed for medicinal use. There is even evidence that the Romans used the roses for hygiene. The oil that came from the white rose was used as an ingredient for perfume.

Fun Facts 

You should be well acquainted with the white rose now, right? Now that you are, here are some fun facts that you should enjoy about it.

The peace that is associated with white roses contributed to the creation of a nickname. There are many people who call the flower “the rose of peace.”

The petal count for white roses has a very wide range. While some of these roses only have four petals, there are others that have as many as 45.

In Victorian times, white roses were very popular in bridal bouquets. This was aimed at symbolizing lifelong happiness and contentment in love.

In the 17th century, white roses sometimes functioned as a form of currency. There were many occurrences where people would exchange the roses for both money and food.

There are over 3000 species of white roses, and they all usually blossom between April and May.


This article was aimed at revealing the meanings of white roses, as well as some general fun facts about them.

While there are many different interpretations of the meanings of the flower, they generally symbolize peace, innocence, and love. The symbolic history of white roses can be traced back to the Greeks, Romans, and even the Korans. These roses make excellent gifts, since they covey powerful meanings and look beautiful.

History suggests that the flowers are over 30 million years old. However, the first easily traceable white rose was created 4,750 years ago in China. The rose, which has over 3000 species, is sometimes called “the rose of peace.”

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